Review: Virginia Olsen Pure Organics Lip Creme

2013 was a lippie year for me. I got tons of lipsticks from different brands this year. Can you imagine that I have accumulated 80+ lippies in my kit? I would not know what to do with them, thankfully, I am now into the professional Hair and Makeup Artistry field. I already depotted almost half of my lippie collection and placed them in pillbox , this is called condensation to avoid bringing a lot of makeup products in gigs. Ohh have you seen the latest post of Wayne of Gossmakeupartist? I should have known about Vueset Palettes earlier instead of placing my depotted lippies in a pillbox to make them look more nice (and uhmm professional looking perhaps?). Anyways, before the year ended, I got lippie packages. First, was from Virginia Olsen. I saw a preview of their organic lip product through the IG account.  
They sent me two shades Divalicious and 

Here's a press release from Virginia Olsen:

It’s time to make the switch from toxic lipstick to the most awaited pure organic lipstick
 from Virginia Olsen! Virginia Olsen Pure Organics Lip Crème is formulated with
 allnatural ingredients which provide long lasting color and natural moisture 
that are safe to use even for those with delicate lips. It delivers natural 
pigments in a traditional lipstick shape, yet maintains its organic integrity. 

All-natural ingredients 
Our rich and creamy formula is loaded with antioxidants and is 100% natural with color
 derived from fruit pigment. It provides maximum coverage with effortless
application, leaving lips feeling soft and smooth. It also has natural skin protectant
sunflower seed oil to keep your lips protected from harmful UV rays. 

Long lasting natural moisture 
Cracked lips are mainly due to dehydration. Our lipsticks are ultra-moisturizing as it is infused with shea butter, cocoa butter, and jojoba oil to 
keep your lips hydrated and plump all day. Our lipsticks are also long-lasting so you won’t have to worry reapplying throughout the day. 

Safe for delicate lips 
Virginia Olsen Pure Organics Lip Creme will not discolor your lips as it is formulated 
with lemon peel extract to improve hyperpigmentation and 
rosehip seed oil to rejuvenate your lip’s delicate skin. 
Introductory price of Php399 makes Virginia Olsen Pure Organics Lip Crème a 
luxury you can afford. Once you try it, you will be saying no to deadly kisses! 

Available in 10 shades: Naked Diva, Bite My Lips, Crimson Geek, Dark Cherry, 
Kiss the Girl, Barely There, Pinky Posh, Divaluscious, Sweet Seduction and Classy Coral.
 Also available in six exciting shades of lip gloss for only Php250 each. 
For more information and to order, kindly visit 

Also  available at the Ramp Crossings, Shangrila Plaza. 
Sweet Seduction
Swatch at the back of my hand
These lippies are very pigmented indeed!
Sweet seduction is a pretty medium toned pink. Surprisingly, its intense pigmentation can masked my dark lip lines sans a lip liner.
Divaluscious is a cool toned red.

The first thing I noticed with these lippies was their scent. They have this odd lipstick scent that I do not really like. My nostrils are very sensitive to scents. A product should either be unscented or its scent must be really nice and light or else it can give me a headache. Eventually the scent disappears after a few minutes. I also noticed that it does not have that smooth surface compared to other lippies from big cosmetic companies. No problem with this one. It gives that authentic organic feel to it. I was afraid that these lippies might be too soft that it will melt inside my kit considering its form. Guess what, it turned out that it is hard enough to withstand the heat of Manila! The best thing about it is that it goes on with intense color with one swipe and it does not bleed despite its creaminess. I need not use any lip liners because it this is quite long lasting on me. The downside is that it can really dry up my lips. I need to moisturize and scrub prior to using these lippies or else I will end up with dry patched lips.

I also showed this lipstick to my makeup school classmates and we did the ring test to know if this lipstick contains lead. Lo and behold, when the gold ring was rubbed on a swatch of Sweet Seduction, it did not change color at all!! WOoot!!! I was so happy because the other lipstick they did a test on changed to dark grayish shade when it underwent the gold ring test.

Visit and their official website for more info:

I seriously want to try their Barely There shade!
Virginia Olsen Minerals are now available at the Ramp Crossings.

Happy 2014 to everyone!

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  1. I haven't tried any organic lippie, ever. Is Virginia Olsen a good brand to start with?

  2. Wow love this review! I love the photos as well :)

  3. I love the color of the lippies plus it's very pigmented but I also get turned off with odd scented lippies. I agree, it should be unscented or it should come with a nice one.

  4. the colors are indeed creamy and pigmented! i am in love with divalicious! that red pops so nicely!
    happy new year!

  5. yay for the ring test result! :D pero parang it's not that smooth sa distribution ng pigment noh?

  6. Yeah. I can see that it can make your lips look dry. Btw, shocking for that quantity of lippie you own. 80? Wow!!!

  7. Wow I love anything organic, because it is just made of all natural things, and it is good for you. This looks like a great lip crème, that will moisturize you lips and add a great pop of color. I love them. Thanks for sharing

  8. I like the last one, cool red tone. I know but I am always fascinated with red lips.

  9. That's a puckering red lip and I love it!

  10. How much much is the product? It looks really nice.

  11. Very nice review! I'm not aware of the gold ring test til I read this post! Thanks for sharing and Happy new year!

    Alaine of

  12. Wow! You got 80 lippies? I got myself almost 20 lang and I haven't finish even 1. hahaha! 'coz I'm not a makeup artist. I just love collecting lippies. :))) Also, I didn't know about the gold ring test until I read this.. :)))

  13. Wow! You got 80 lippies? I got myself almost 20 lang and I haven't finished even 1. hahaha! 'coz I'm not a makeup artist. I just love collecting lippies. :))) Also, I didn't know about the gold ring test until I read this.. :)))


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