The Hit List: Best of 2013 Eye Makeup and Skin Care Products

I promised myself to be on track with my blogging schedule starting 2014. It's only January and I am lagging with backlogs and I have tons of to review post. Oh no!! Let me start with the Hit List featuring the best skin care and eye products of 2013. Let us start with the rundown:

Best Skincare Line for 2013: Shiseido Ibuki Skincare Line
When I got an invite at the Shiseido event, I was thrilled to death. I have never tried any of their skin care and I truly have expectation of this brand. True enough, their cleanser prove to be one of the best I have tried so far. I only need a pea size amount for my whole face. It leaves my skin clean, fresh without the tight feeling. The The Softening Concentrate makes my skin instantly supple and soft. It does prolong the effect of moisturizer on my super dry skin. Their moisturizer is my go to moisturizer on humid days. It feels so light and it gives me the ample amount of sun protection for everyday wear. The eye serum lessens the puffiness of my eyes though I have not seen any significant change on my fine lines and dark circles.

Best Moisturizer: Physiogel is heaven sent. Perfect for those with sensitive and dry skin. I would usually have red, patchy and itchy rashes on my face and this moisturizer helped relieved the flaking and itchiness. It is easily absorbed by my skin. It also gives my skin that dewy glow. I had this tube for months now and it is taking me forever to finish. Physiogel is dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic.

Best and Most Gentle Exfoliator:  Cure Natural Aqua Gel
This bottle has been a house favorite and my best friend. If you have dry flaky skin like mine, exfoliating will be your bff! I had a trauma with scrubs and skin exfoliators but this one is too gentle that I can even use it twice a week. This has been part of my skin care regimen and I really do not know what to do without it. It is my quick fix especially when I am experiencing rashes and flakiness on my cheeks, a quick scrub of Cure saves my day!! Definitely one of the best skin care products this year!

Best Skincare Discovery: Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Gel Glycolic Acid
I never knew about AHA or BHA until I have spoken with Julia Arenas of Bless My Bag at the Paula's Choice Event. I was never the skin care freak because the only thing my skin needs is a good moisturizer. Yet hearing Julia's piece about AHA and BHA products excited me. Alpha Hydroxy Acis of AHA came from milk and fruit sugars. Its main ability is exfoliation of the skin, reduces wrinkles and helps in skin rejuvenation and help stimulates the production of elastin and collagen. It basically exfoliates without the actual dead skin dropping off or being scrubbed off when you apply this product. The magic happens overnight. This truly made my skin fresh and smoother. Whenever I have rashes, I use this all over my face and after two days, my skin  looks so healthy again.

Now, let's go to the Best of Eye Products 
Best Budget Friendly Eye shadow Palette: Sleek Storm Palette
I have been using this palette like crazy the moment I laid my hands on it. This is very versatile because it contains both shimmery and matte finish eye shadows. I used this during a bridal pre nup to smokey eyes look for a beauty pageant!! It goes on smooth and is very pigmented. For my complete review and swatches, click here:

Best Everyday Eye shadow Palette: Avon Eye shadow Quad in Chocolate Sensation 
When I mean travel friendly, I meant something that I can easily bring everywhere be it to the office or to a vacay. Avon Eyeshadow Quad in Chocolate Sensation proved to be a palette that I can easily into my makeup kit and something out of which I can create daytime to night time looks. The colors are very neutral and wearable. I can easily switch it up from natural to a sultry look because of the superb color combo. 

Best Matte Eye shadow/Pair Palette: The Naked Basics is a very nice investment. It is the cheapest out of all the Naked Palettes in the market.  I love the way the UD shadows's intensity can be controlled. The texture is very nice and not too powdery. For the lack of better term to describe this palette, I call this as the best pair palette. (ang weird lang!!) This palette goes well with other eyeshadows and palettes in my kit. Most of my palettes have a shimmery finish and I tend to pair this palette (due to its matte finish) to add depth to my eyeshadow or to blend colors together.  I got this from Bon Marche and it only retails for 1300 in her shop. Lowest online!

Best Makeup Palette: Inglot Freedom System Palette
(I do not where to place this in my category.. I just decided to place it here since I have been talking about palettes in this post. hehe Very logical naman diva? )

My makeup kit is usually filled to the brim. I bring almost everything that I can fit in my kit. Hence, my heavy bag and it is also the reason why my bags do not last long. The idea of a customizable palette where you could bring everything you want from the shade of lipstick to the hand picked eye shadow for a certain  suitable occassion, Inglot Freedom System Palette is the ultimate answer to every girl's dilemma. 
This magnetic and sturdy palette is customizable with eye shadows, lipstick, concealers, blush and even brow wax. I am absolutely in love with the whole idea. Other than the wide range of colors to choose from, I am truly in awe with the product quality of Inglot especially their blushes and eye shadows. Their eye shadows are all pigmented, blendable and not powdery at all. Their matte ones are something that fancy my eyes but those with texture too exceptional to be missed. Here are a few of what I got:

Best Eyeshadow Primer: Makeup Factory Sensitive Eye shadow Base
is probably one of the best eye shadow primer I have ever tried. (Take note I have not yet tried Too Face Eyeshadow Primer and Urban Decay's!) This goes on smoothly on my lids (take note: even on powdered lids). It does not cake as long as you blend it quickly and it does not create patchy or streaky lines. It makes my eye shadows pop and it works well with any kind of eyeshadow finish (matte, shimmery, glittery, all of the above keribells nito).  I had this for months now and it has not yet dried up.  Amazing! Also, I have not even finish half of this tiny tube because a little goes a long way. 

Best Eyeliner: Eye of Horus Eyeliner Charcoal Obsidian Goddess Pencil
 If there's one liner that I finishes until it's last tip, this would be it. This liner glides on like a dream and the pigmentation is mind blowing! The black one looks absolutely good and matte. Once it set, this does not budge and stays on my lid for hours. This is heaven sent to those with sensitive eyes because the ingredients are all natural and non irritating.  This landed as my no. 1 in my eyeliner battle post. Click this post for more info:

Best Drugstore Eye shadow Primer: NYX Eye shadow Base
This has been in my kit during the first quarter of 2013 and has not yet dried up! It looks fresh as new. Contrary to the Makeup Factory base, this has a runny and light texture. This makes my eye shadow look  more vibrant and it stay in place. This is my everyday e/s base while the Makeup Factory One is for events and client's use.

Best Brow Pencil: Ever Bilena Brow Pencil
I have been raving about this pencil to everyone who would ask me the products I use for my brows. This as a waxy texture that makes it long lasting and covers my light colored brows really well. I could also control the color intensity of this liner by smudging the liner with and angled brush for a more natural look.

Best Eyebrow Powder: In2it Eyebrowns
This has got to be my most abused product of 2013 as  evidenced by the above photo. I hit pan on all three shades!! Woot!  I use this as a brow powder, eye shadow for my crease, and contour powder! The three shades of brown made it a perfect multi tasking product for my medium yellow skin tone. You really have to try this. If used as a brow powder, I suggest you use it with a wet brush and it looks perfect when applied. My former office mate saw me apply this on my brows with wet brush and she was amazed and immediately asked if I was using a brow gel.

Best CurlingMascara: Fairydrops Platinum Film Type Mascara
The brush shape is simply genius. It curls my lashes even without the use of a curler and makes my lashes look so long. My detailed review is found here:

Best Volumizing Mascara: Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara
This was my very first time to try a mascara from Max Factor and honestly, I do not even think it will work at all.  Guess what? This has got to be of the best (if not the best, most commendable perhaps?)  mascara for for those with short and sparse lashes. This mascara makes my sparse lashes look luscious, longer and fuller. I can skip eyeliner whenever I had this mascara on my lashes because it definitely makes my eyes look bigger and alive. Bongga lang talaga!

Best Eye Brightener: Nichido Mineral Pencil Concealer
Can you believe that I have two back ups for this one? This product has been life changing. In my 500 pesos makeup challenge post, an anonymous commenter posted that my eyes looked smaller when I line my lower water line, thus, I got this pencil concealer for my waterline because I have been seeing Michelle Phan used a peach eyeliner on her waterline and it makes her eyes look big. This works just the same but wears off quite easily. It white liner look too harsh on your eyes, then this one is something you must try.

Best Lash Glue: Lash Grip
I got this in Beauty Bar for only 200 or 195 pesos and it is amazing! It dries into a dark/black which can conceal the gap or fill in the gap between your lashes and falsies. It makes my falsies adheres the whole day. I had this for months (more than 6 months) and still has not yet dried up.. oh just make sure the cap is tightly close. :)

Best  My HOLY GRAIL Gel Liner: Maybelline Gel Liner
I am back with my favorite gel liner. One of the best discoveries I had during my years in beauty blogging. This is the only liner that does not smudge and stays on my upper waterline for hours. I used it on one of my clients and she told me that this stayed on her like forever, even after the photo shoot we had. If there's one eye product that I can attest to repurchase over and over again this got to be it. :)

Wheew!! Could you believe it took me two days to finish this post.. haha

Godbless to all!
I want to know your best eye product for 2013!! Share you thoughts on the comment box below.

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  1. hi ms donnarence, ntry nyo na po ba naturactor? and ano po ms mganda compare sa artdeco camouflage concealer? pra po sa undereye..thank you and Godbless!

  2. hi ate donna! couldn't help but grad my pen & paper to take down notes. really having a hard time picking the right cosmetics for me since i develop warts with body shop concealer, my lips chapped because of some lipstick brands. :( pero i'm learning na to put make-up on because of your blog and michelle phan's vids. so big thanks! really! :D

  3. You may want to label numbers on your picture? I had hard time following which is which especially when I am a makeup noob. But I have to agree the sleek storm palette looks really nice!!

    I prefer urban decay eyeshadow primer potion though. Eye colours don't show on my eyelids.. With that, it's just awesome!

    Travel, Craft and Lifestyle Blogger.

  4. I wish I could do a lengthy post like this. very detailed! And aaah, I have most of the sleek eyeshadow palette but I don't have the storm variant..

  5. OM! Is that Urban Decay Naked Palette? Whew! I want to have it. Can I? LOLS XD
    ~Pauline @Nars Philippines


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