Review: Cynos Argan Oil Thairapy Line

My hair is one of the least things I think of. I am not fond of combing neither am I fond of styling my hair. I have learned to love my messy tresses though when my hair extremely dried out due to recent bleaching,, That is utterly a different story. When 2014 started, I was stunned to see my ends looking all dried up with split ends peeking through every strand.  The heavens must have heard my shallow dilemma and received a loot bag from Cynos.  Thank you Cynos! I have been hearing a lot about Argan Oil, the so called liquid gold from Morocco.

I do not have any expectation on the conditioner and shampoo but my notion changed when I began using this wonderful combo. I noticed that my hair retains moisture longer whenever I use these products. It literally tames down my tresses. Goodbye tutchang ang peg ng lola mo! It also softened my strands and my hair became easier to comb and style.  I also noticed that it added shine to my hair sans the oiliness. I immediately noticed the scent of  the shampoo and condition. It does not smell like the usual shampoo and conditioner in the market rather it smelled like perfume. A bit strong for my liking but it does linger after I wash my hair and after I dry it up for an hour or so. The downside, this costs a lot! The Moisture Vitality Shampoo is priced at whopping 800 pesos while the Moisture Vitality Conditioner costs 850 pesos. I seriously used this product whenever I will go to special occasions. If you are wiling to shell out such amount, a bottle may last you 2-3 weeks only but it did wonders to my hair despite intermittent use.
Next products is the Body and THairapy Oil. I like this product very much that I have been using it nonstop from the day I got it. It has been giving my hair that much needed luster and moisture especially on days when I used a different shampoo and conditioner other than Cynos'. This smells good but the scent does not transfer at all. It goes on smoothly but not oily on my hair. I tried using this to moisturize my hands and it did work better than my hand cream, though I have not yet tried it on my legs and other parts of the body. 

This works best on my wet hair. Immediately after showering or taking a bath, I take two-three pumps of this oil and lather it all over my hair. I specifically target my ends. Then, I air dry my hair or blow dry it. After styling my hair as desired, I get another pump or two to smooth out the unwanted frizzes.

The argan oil comes in three sizes:
10 ml costs 250 pesos
50ml costs 700 pesos
100 ml costs 1200 pesos

Overall, I like the Cynos Argan Oil Line because it did resurrect my hair from roots to strands to its very tips. What I like about most about this line is that it did not irritate my psoriasis plagued scalp. From what I hear, argan oil is one of the best treatment of psoriasis. 

Have you tried Cynos Argan Oil Line?
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