TMART Review: 120 Full Color Professional Eyeshadow

Colors...The last time I had a palette filled of colors was years ago. A time when I may wearing colorful hues was never an issue just because an ATTY is now attached to my name. (Oh yes naman! I have to maintain (with my make believe coercion duress and force from the legal world) that tiniest bit professional look at times  at all times (even when I am not in the mood). When I graduated from makeup this February, I knew I needed a palette with 100 colors for practical reasons. I am just a budding MUA. Well, I do not even know if this raket of mine will be a hit. Next,  I have all the legitimate reasons not to splurge much on makeup since I am on strict financial constraints (self made though because my no buy policy is primarily for my savings of course). I was asked by TMART to review some of their products, initially they wanted me to review a brush set :

Looking at the brush set now, I should have agreed to their proposal. Haha Being the makulit that I am I asked if I can review some other product. Eventually, they said yes and this is the item that I picked. 
This is their 120 FULL Color Eyeshadow. Here is the link of this product from their site: 

This is exactly what I have been looking for. I have all range of colors from neutrals to brights. Did you know that I started this beauty blog with a palette similar to this? I created Looks and FOTDs and I did not mind buying eyeshadows for review. It took me more then 3 months before I got this package from the post office. I honestly thought that it got lost or damaged. I paid 40 or 50 pesos to the post office. When I opened the package, I got really worried. They wrapped the palette with thin film of bubble wrap. My head went "Uh-Oh"! Truth be told, there at most four colors that got damaged. I immediately did the alcohol technique to pressed the pulverized shadows in place. TMART also made directions in their website in case, their palettes got damaged due to transportation:

Note: We pack perfectly before shipping! But as you know this is pulverous, the product may be damaged that the powder spill out a little because of transportation problems. Please understand or contact us for help immediately. Thanks.
If some of them are damaged by accident, please rescue just as follow instruction:
1. Purchase a bottle if Medicinal alcohol from a Pharmacy.
2. Mix the powder and the alcohol.
3. Force the powder compact closely.
4. After the alcohol volatile the other day, it becomes a new eye shadow. (from
The first thing I noticed with the palette is that it is lacking the ribbon that will help lift up the palette easily. Refer to the pic below:

While swatching the eyeshadows, I noticed that it is quit creamy but powder at the same time. My brushes and even my fingers can pick up the product quite easily and it adheres quickly on the skin. The colors are pigmented too. The eyeshadows go on smoothly when applied but be wary of the fall outs due to its powdery texture. Some shades have matte formula while most have satin finishes. 
The eyeshadows look fairly pigmented even without primers. What I love about this palette is that the colors are very blendable. 
I can not attest to the staying power of the eyeshadows because I always use a base primer to make it last the whole day on my lids. This palette only costs 685.99 pesos with free shipping world wide. One of the most affordable online. If you are willing to wait for a month or so and have no qualms buying online, TMART offers great deals on different products from electronics, gadgets to home novelties, they got everything at a very affordable price. 

Visit for more information.

Do you have colorful palettes like this? From what store did you get yours?


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