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From the title of this post, you will readily discern that this is a budget friendly post. All products mentioned here do not even go beyond 200 bucks! (WHAT?!??) Okay, but are they worth it? I know I know... What do you expect with affordable makeup. But hey, I believe that every drugstore has its gems! I got Essence brow products on a whim because I am saving up for my Korea trip that is five months from now. Haha I know but I want to buy a truck load of makeup and skincare on my trip! hehe So I thought three Essence brow Products will make me give up my lemming for Anastacia Dip Brow Pomade lemming. NOT!!! Here is a quick review of the products.
ESSENCE Eyebrow Stylist Set

I got this for 189.75 pesos (if I am not mistaken,, sorry I immediately remove price tags on makeup). This is an eyebrow powder set that comes in two shades with eyebrow stencils and slanted eye brush. Okay, the packaging is not the best in the market. The plastic pan of the powder itself will not pass any standard test. It is literally plastic and can pass off as a sample. The brush uhmm well forget about it too and the stencils are not so good either. Obviously, this product is a major major fail in its packaging. Product wise, I think the brow powder is decent not good. It is very pigmented but the color does not seem show when applied on my brows. I tried applying it with all my brow brushes but it is a fail. It also is very powdery. This is a far cry from my HG In2it Eyebrow set. tsk.

The colors in the set look really lovely. Its has a taupe and rich dark brown in it with no hints of red. Sadly, this did not work for me at all.

Essence Lash and Brow Gel Mascara
Now, this baby is a good buy! I have finished more than 4 tubes of this mascara gel and for 149 pesos a pop, it is perfect for everyday wear. I love the fact that this mascara can tame my unruly brows into place for half a day. It does not leave any clumps or those nasty crusts from brow pencils. I love how it can make my brows look well done within seconds after I touch up with powder. (Do you also experience getting powder on your brows when you touch up your makeup?) My only problem with this mascara is that it takes forever to dry. I mean you have to wait for a minute for the wet stain to go away. Careful not to touch your brows after applying this because it can definitely wipe out all your hardwork. What I do is I let the mascara to dry and set before brushing it once again with a spoolie for a more natural look.
The wand of the brow mascara. I have not yet tried using it for my lashes though because it can get really dirty because of the remnants and stains from my brow powder and pencil. I use this brow mascara twice in my makeup routine. First, after applying powder foundation or after setting my foundation, I brush this over my brows to remove powder build up. I have youtube gurus who immediately apply brow pencil or powder on their brows and I can readily see product build up on their brows! Nay!!! Anyways, after the mascara has set and dried, I apply my brow pencil. After achieving my desired shape and brow color, I brush this mascara once again to ensure that my brows stay in place the whole day.

Essence Eyebrow Designer
This only costs 109 pesos (Again, If I am not mistaken). I was drawn to the shade when I swatched it at the back of my hand. It definitely looks pigmented and I got it because it has no hint of red or orange. The shade is just pure rich brown. It goes on very pigmented but I am having a hard time controlling the color and strokes because of its very soft and waxy formula. There are times that one of my brows look way darker than the other. This pencil is very tricky to use. The color can also look too dark almost brown black at times.
I learned that there is a shade blonde in the US which has gotten loads of good feedback.

Over all, the brow mascara is definitely a winner. As for the stylist set and pencil, I think I will just go back to my Ever Bilena Eye Brow Pencil and In2it or I might just give in to my lemming and buy the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade.

Here is step by step photos on how I used these products on my brows:
1. Bare brows
2. After brushing my brows with the brow mascara, I let it dry and outline my eyes using the pencil.
3. I lightly fill in my brows using the brow stylist set.
4. I once again brush my brows with the mascara to make it look more natural.

What is your favorite brow product?


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  1. Have you tried using San San's single eyeshadow in Deep Earth Brown on your brows? It works perfectly!

  2. I love brow products! I have the Essence eyebrow pencil in blonde but for some reason I had a hard time using it the first time because of the texture so it is just sitting in my drawer. I'll try to use it again. :)

  3. Aww too bad the 2 products are a miss! will check the brow mascara ;D

  4. I have been using the wet n wild ultimate brow kit for almost 2 years now and i still love it! I always get compliments on my eyebrows. Staying power is impressive. I only use the one in the middle and if i want lighter brows on a certain day, i will just top it off with my "etude color my brows". :)

  5. My holy grail eyebrow pencil is from nichido in the shade chestnut, its in their mineral line and it cost me only 138 pesos

  6. I love how you did your brows here! I still feel inclined to try the pencil, mostly because true brown shades are rare. Could you recommend brow templates that are good quality but not too expensive? I only know of the ones that HBC used to have but parang it's phased out na or just always out of stock.

  7. as of now my favorite eye brow product is nichido taupe (I remembered you blog about "Watsons Nationwide Sale Haul" napabili ako nito ..hehe. kasi I have a blonde hair talagang hinanap ko sya sa landmark , and YES! parang high end brow gel or pencil sya, pero madaling matanggal!, kaya i also use ELF eyebrow treat & tame after ng nichido . Ok ung combination nya at matagal ung staying power nya.

  8. sayang mukhang gusto ko pa naman gumamit ng stencil cos di ako marunong magkilay :(

  9. Meron ako nung blonde nito. Maganda siya. Kapag inaapply makikita mo na parang wax tapos powdery yung finish niya. Akala ko nung una pangit siya kasi hindi agad kumilay sa eyebrows ko, pero nung tinasahan ko siya sobrang maganda pala. 100 pesos siya kasi sale nung nabili ko sa mega mall. Dun available siya ��


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