Found My Perfect Match: L'oreal Le Teint True Match Super-Blendable Foundation

Hello blogosphere! I was looking forward to blogging yesterday but my health did not cooperate. Last Tuesday and Wednesday, I was in Mindoro for a hearing and the next day I was in Bataan until Friday. My health just gave up on me. I am now high with oranges, Vitamin C and bioflu. May God heal me within the day so I can enjoy the rest of the weekend.

 Nuff of my life report, let's head on to a new foundation review.

I have been hearing about this foundation from youtube gurus. And you know me, I easily believe my fave gurus when it comes to their favorites especially if most of them are in concurrence in raving about a certain product.  One of the products that I am really curious is this true match super foundation. My fave aussie youtube guru, Lauren Curtis is head over heels on this foundation. Every time, she applies this foundation on her face, I can't help but drool. I was lucky enough to be given a bottle by L'oreal for review purposes. My oh my! I was utterly thrilled and I immediately road tested it the next day. I got the shade Golden Beige. It was an almost perfect match. It is half a note lighter than my skin tone but I do not mind at all. It has nice yellow undertones for my medium complexion. One of the biggest challenge for a foundation addict like is finding the right shade. I know a lot of Filipinas who are struggling with this dilemma. Guess what? The True Match Super Blendable has 15 shades. One can definitely go beyond choosing among the usual fair medium and dark tones but it also specifically captures the udertones of Filipinas ranging from neutral, warm and cool. I noticed that the other beauty bloggers which usually of the same shade as I am got a different one. 

I love the glass bottle with pump packaging. The pump easily dispenses the product and I could somehow control the amount it dispenses depending on the pressure I apply on the pump. There are shades that are housed in a glass bottle without pump. 
This foundation has a liquid and runny texture. When I test it out at the back of my hand, I really thought that it would look sheer and I would need to do 2-3 layers to achieve my desired coverage. When I applied it on my face, I got the a surprise. One layer is enough to cover my redness, rashes and pimple marks. It can somehow cover up my dark circles as well. It just evens out my skin very well. You can see on my before after shot that it did an awesome job making my skin look flawless. The texture is like a dream. It is very blendable. That is why it's called super blendable right. It is creamy and does not appear cakey when layered. I love how it applies seamlessly when applied either with a use of a brush or fingers. Once applied it dries to semi matte finish. The finish is superb and is perfect for everyday wear. It has this faint plastic smell but it is not entirely noticeable. This foundation is perfect for those with dry skin. The picture below does not clearly it but my cheeks have dry patches. This foundation has a magical way of mimicking my natural skin and it blurs out my psoriasis, and red dry patches.   By this time, you can now conclude how much I love this funda!! It also makes my skin look more radiant.

Longevity is very nice. I know almost all foundations lasts pretty long on my skin but this one is really good. I just do not know how it works for oily skin. By mid day, my look dewy especially during the hot humid days in Manila. 
What I love about this foundation:
  • The packaging is amazeballs. I love how the gold pump dispenser makes it look very classy.
  • This is perfect for everyday wear because of its lightweight texture.
  • It evens out my skin tone perfectly. It can cover up the redness and rashes very well.
  • It has SPF17!!
  • The coverage is light-medium.
  • Available locally.
  • It does not highlight my dry patches.
  • Applies like a dream. It is has a creamy and blendable texture.
  • It has a natural finish. This has no shimmers in it. 
  • It makes my dull skin more radiant.

What I dislike about it:
  • It has that faint plastic scent.
  • Some shades do not have a pump.
  • Because of its SPF, it has that slight white cast. This white cast can be tempered with a powder foundation.

Overall, I love this foundation!!! For 899 pesos per bottle, I really think this is a very nice foundation perfect for everyday wear!!


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  2. I was so tempted to get True Match (not the Teint version) because they were giving out Suesh brushes as GWPs! Too bad I missed the promo period but I do think I'll still get it in the future. It felt light and natural, but I didn't notice if it had a scent because I just swatched it on my jawline. Not sure how different it is from Teint though.

  3. this one matches your skin well sis ! but i dont like that it ahs spf . im actualy looking for foundations not for me , for my clients sana . i dont like foundations with spf for clients ;) but nice review . hope youll have a review sa loreal lumi foundation also ;)))) tnx xoxo


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