Like A Donya: My Flawless Cell Booster Infusion Mask Experience

I am blessed to be working with Flawless for a  blog partnership for a period of six months. My fez needs this, trust me. I am that kind of person that does not care too much about skin care. Given the right kind or moisturizer, sunblock and facial wash and that's it. Call me lazy but heck I do not have time for the Korean skin care procedure. hehe This is my first time to try a service from Flawless. I was never fond of going to facial centers because of the weird things my lola used to say about it. Like once you let someone prick your skin, your pores will be more visible, yadah yadah yadah. Anyways, I went to Flawless to try out the Cell Booster Infusion Mask last Mother's Day.

What is Cell Booster Infusion Mask?
The science used for Cell Booster Infusion Mask allows it to deliver essential nutrients to the skin at cellular level. Using an advanced cellular repair hydrogel mask which contains highly concentrated essence of cell-activating nutrients, it promises to increase the skin's elasticity, minimize pores and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while giving the skin an undeniable glow. This procedure lasted from 40-60 minutes.

The place was eventually jam packed with clients both women and men. (hello Mother's day noh?! What should I expect?) Flawless' marketing manager, Joel told me that it is one of their popular facial that are loved by their celebrity clients. At the back of my mind, oh really?!  Hehe  What do you think? Did I like it too?
I was asked to sign a sealed bag. (I was like ano yan teh?) I was utterly thrilled when I came to know that the bag I signed contained the sterilized tools that will be used on my skin. Yay for superb sanitation procedures. I was also given a disposable headband to keep my hair in place. I will try my best to recall the step to step process of this facial.

First, my face is cleansed with a foaming facial wash then Relyn (my attendant) gave me a facial massage which is so relaxing. Promise. She also did some miled scrubbing to remove dead skin cells. The dermatologist approached me while I lying down for a quick consultation. She asked me what is my major problem and I quick to respond about my psoriasis. She referred to me medication which  is not steroids (yay). After the consultation, Relyn  put on pink mittens with hot gel compress on my hands and told me that this will be a preparation for my hand massage. What?! I came here for a facial and the attendant is giving me massage! My oh my! I love the whole procedure. Then, came the most dreaded part -- pricking. (Of course my fast was soften through steam machine). The pricking part took about 10 minutes but she pointed to me that I have milia under my eyes that should be removed by dermatologist. After the pricking process, a gauze pad was placed on my skin and a laser was run through over my face. This is not my favorite part because I felt that slight electric sting on my face. I immediately told Relyn to stop this process. Good thing, she was very nice to accede to my request. 
After pricking, this very cold cell booster mask was placed on my skin. The cold rush felt very refreshing.  I was really afraid that I might be roaming around the mall with rashes on my skin or pantal (due to pricking) but this cold mask relieved my skin very quickly. I was then given a quick back massage while this mask was on my face. Truly #likeadonya!
Collagen cream was applied on my neck.Okay, I look like a mumu! hehe

Here is my face after the facial. I took this photo at Flawless' Comfort room.

Relyn told me that I have dry skin and white heads build up on the sides of my nose. Look at the side of my nose looking clear and clean!! I love my skin after the treatment. And look, no pantal or rashes at all. There was no redness too.  My skin did not feel tight but it felt very supple and moisturized. I made sure this photo is zoomed so my pores can say hi to   readers!!hehe

One session costs Php 1,400 and a series of 5+1 costs Php7,000.

I absolutely love this facial. The facial, hand and back massages are added treats!!!!

Have a blessed day everyone!

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  1. Hmmmm...this seems like a great one to try out. It also looks like a great pampering treatment. I will check on this....

  2. Im so interested with the cold gel mask! Aayyyy sana may mga ganyang individual pack ehhehe.

  3. I think flawless is the best facial care center! It is quite expensive though!


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