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I just want to share that aside from getting a nose job, boob job and tummy tuck... I dream of having that smooth and white underarms. Gahh!! I look at women's ua more than their hair. #weirdgirlproblems  [I know!] Anyways, one of my major problem for my UA is chicken skin caused by frequent plucking. I do not like shaving because I would always fear that it would darken my pits. Then, I there came a time when I am almost addicted with plucking like I have to do it every other day.  If you are confused as I am, here is the difference between Diode and IPL:

 I had my first Diode Laser with Wink Laser and Wax Studio. Wink is one of my trusted place for waxing especially for brows. Their attendants are very friendly and accommodating. Their studio is very clean and their tool sanitation is applause worthy. I was actually hesitant to try out this procedure because I have a very low pain tolerance. I have this notion that laser treatments would be painful as hell.I was terribly mistaken. Unlike my revlite experience, this procedure is painless! I just experienced a very warm sensation throughout the procedure. After the procedure I was asked not to wear any tight fitting clothes to prevent friction on my UA that may cause darkening. I also bathed with cold water. I did not experience any negative reaction after the procedure. No irritation or itching. It took my UA hair to grow after a month or so. My UA felt smoother because I was not plucking for more than 4 weeks. I did not even notice that my UA hair were growing back because they were thinner compared as before. The attendant from Wink told me that after 2 more Diode Laser, my UA will be almost hair free.
Overall, my Diode Laser experience at Wink Studio is superb!  I highly recommend this procedure to my readers. One session of underarm diode laser costs 2500 pesos. I plan on undergoing this treatment once again, next year on my wedding month. :)
Wink studio is located at Bonifacio High Street and Trinoma

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  1. Is it true na after ng laser treatment bawal magdeodorant or put anything on the UA for a week?


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