Review: Eye of Horus Liquid Define

Admittedly, I am never a fan of winged liner. Why? No.1 It takes forever to even out the wing on both eyes. If I am in a hurry, #NKKLK talaga!Well, I am not gifted with a very steady hand that create perfect line in a flash of seconds, I can't even make a perfect circle! (Who can?You na!) Second and final reason, I feel too old to sport the winged liner. Wearing that bold flick will and can definitely turn heads in my workplace. So, I tend to temper the flick -half way or the way Japanese do their day time cat eye makeup. It looks very natural I tell you. I lining my upper lash line with flick or with no flick, I prefer to use a liquid liner. For some people, using a liquid liner is a tricky one. Truth is, all you need is a steady hand and very pigmented liquid liner with a nice brush. 

I have been using this Eye of Horus Liquid Liner for months now (yes months more than 5 to be exact and it is not yet dried out,, take note I do not use this daily. A maximum of 3-4x a week perhaps). Just like their pencil liners, this liner is LOVE. This is one of the liquid liners that I have tried with a hard felt tip brush. The brush is very easy to use. (Imagine writing with  white board pen with a pointed tip.) The brush dispenses the product very quickly. 
The brush can create thin to thick lines and even curves!! It really feel like drawing or scribbling. That simple. The pigmentation of this liner is awesome. One swipe and you will get a black matte finish. The intensity is maintained throughout the whole day (and even night... Well, uhmm.. I have dry lids to begin with... ) It does not fade at all.
This is very suitable with sensitive eyes because Eye of Horus products are specially made for people with sensitive peepers. This is how it looked like on my eye.
Nice noh?

Here is a look I made during makeup class using this liner. Can you see how somehow managed to make clean edges and outlines? Thanks to this liner!
Price is a bit steep for 990 pesos. I highly recommend this liner especially for beginners or those who have difficulties lining their upper lash line.

This liner is available at Glamourbox.Ph here is the link of Eye Of Horus Brand in their site:

Also at Snoe Branches or stalls nationwide. 

What do you think about a felt tip liners?


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  1. Great review! Do you have a review for Mary Kay Liquid Eyeliner?

  2. im really a dumb when it comes to applying eye liner. thanks to this article i think i know how to do it.


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