L'oreal Caresse Shine Stain [Review and Swatches]

 I have to admit it was not love at first swipe neither was it on the second or third. At the back of my head, this golden tubes are glosses not stains. This erroneous assumption led me to dislike the product.  I really hated that slightly sticky and wet feel on my lips. After application, I removed it immediately. Then, one day, I woke up with smooth well moisturized lips and decided to take swatches again of these lippies on my lips and guess what? I love it!! Yes, it took me almost two months to love this product. These stains are quite unique. They are not overtly tinted like those of Korean Brands. This has 30% water formulation and 60% oil formulation. This explains its tacky yet lightweight formula. 
I applied it on my lower lip and left my upper lip product free so you can see the difference. This Caresse Stain goes on like a very thin gloss. It is quite sheer and light on the lips but a bit sticky on the first few hours upon  application. These stains give off the most natural hint of color on the lips. It creates that just bitten (and I licked my lips) look. hehe After a it wears on, it dries to a semi matte finish making my lips look naturally tinted. I love to wear it in the office because it looks very natural on me. It leaves a stain on my lips which does not disappear even after I eat or drink. It has a good staying power of four hours for that glossy look with 6-hrs of staining effect.
I got two shades. Luna is a sheer peachy pink shade with iridiscent shimmers. Flora, on the other hand, is a sheer blue toned hot pink. Due to its sheer pigmentation, I like using it with a pencil to cover my dark lip lines. Out of the two, I like Luna more. Luna just look very natural on my lips. I am almost through with one tube because I have been using it non stop.The packaging looks really nice.  The leaf like brush applies the product evenly on my lip. It can  also apply the product in the inner corner of my lips with ease. I usually go for one-two thin layers of these stains.Three to four would make your lips uneven and patchy. Make sure not to apply balm beforehand because the product will not adhere to your lips and will just slid off.

What I hate about is that it can dry out my lips by mid day. So, make sure you apply balm after applying these stains. Also, this does not work on dry patchy lips.If applied on dry lips, it can only make the lips drier and it can highlight the crack areas. I also find the scent disturbing because it smells perfume like and it leaves a weird aftertaste which i really dislike.

I apologize I can not determine which is Flora and Luna on the photos below because upon review of my shots, they almost look alike and I can not even distinguish one from the other. One tube costs 595 pesos.

Overall I like these stains. Just make sure, your lips are not dry and patchy or else, this will look uneven on your lips. 

Have a blessed day to all!

**Products sent for review purposes. Review is my personal opinion on the product.**
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  1. Flora looks fab! :) But seeing as it is 595PHP and it's not as pigmented as I want my lip prodicts to be, I probably won't be trying it out. It's great for people who are more into natural looks though! :)


  2. I like Flora! But Luna is much more better for my lips! I have tried it na! and Luna is the best for me! :)

  3. me too i like flora ! it also looks good in you sis ;) super moisturizing


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