Review: Charm Double Duty Makeup Brush Set

I received a comment on my Facebook Page from a sweet reader, Tina, asking me to feature my makeup brushes. Well, before doing that post I decided to do a review on this brush set which was given during the Sampleroom Summer Getaway. I am honestly not a fan of dual ended brushes just because I can't store them on my vanity table in a standing position. I like to see everything neatly spread out when I do my makeup. I figure that this particular brush set is meant for display  for travelling. This feels very light and compact. I can easily throw it inside my bag during quick trips without eating much space in my luggage. This brush set contains everything I need. I can really create a day to night look with this brush set alone. 
 It comes in a cute box which I forgot to take a picture of. The pink brush roll is made of sturdy and high quality material.  I have kept it for weeks inside my cabinet and it did not even chipped off. The edges, flaps and the velcro are sewn very well. No loose threads at all.  This is a far cry from the cheap brush holders you will see online or in landmark. What I love about the brush holder is the detachable velcro where you can place and remove your brush with ease. Due to the detachable velcro, I can use this brush roll with other makeup brushes which is really cool! There are also three flaps that cover the brushes for protection. 
 This brush set is 100% vegan made of high quality synthetic brushes. Charm says:

Double Duty is the word. Multitaskers. Two-in-one. Fabulous value. This set includes four dual ended brushes and a lip brush that helps you create beautiful makeup look beyond your imagination.

It contains:
1. Powder and Blush Brush
2. Liquid Foundation and Concealer Brush
3. Eyebrow and Blending brush
4. Angled Eyeliner/Eyebrow and Pencil Point Brush
5. Lip Brush

Overall, the brushes are soft especially the powder brush. The ferrule is also intact. I have a few brushes in my stash that have loose ferrules and the brushes wiggle every time I use them.Initially, I was afraid to use this with liquid and cream products because of fear that it might stain the bristles. Thankfully, it did not. This is very easy to wash. I just use regular soap and water. It did not shed on my first wash although I noticed few stray bristles. There is no bleeding too.

The brushes in this set are as long as my other regular/full sized brushes. I even brought this during my makeup gig last Sunday and it worked really well.

The Powder and Blush Brush is love. Look how photogenic it is?
The powder brush is really soft and perfect for setting base makeup but I love using it as a blush brush. This seamlessly blends my blush and bronzer very well.
The blush brush is perfect for contouring. I just wish that it is a bit more dense because I like buffing bronzers on the hallows of my cheeks for that natural effect.
The Foundation/Concealer brush is the ultimate winner in this set. I have to confess that I hate foundation and concealer brushes. Almost all the foundation and concealer brushes that I have tried pricks my skin esp. those made of synthetic bristles. This is the reason why I love using my fingers in applying base makeup. This brush duo is an exception. I have been loving how soft this brush is on my skin even if used with liquid or cream products. 
The foundation brush does not look flat but it has that  nice density perfect for applying foundation/cc/bb creams without being streaky.
The concealer brush applies concealer on my under eyes very wells sans the pricking. It can also double as an eye shadow brush.
The blending brush and the eyeshadow brush works fine for eye makeup application. The blending brush fits my crease really well but it does not have the fluffiness of a blending brush made of animal hair. I also find it a bit stiff for my liking. The eyeshadow brush (which I forgot to take a picture of) packs shadow on my lid really well but it is also a bit stiff.
The pencil point brush is a very nice eye definer. I like how it precisely apply shadow on the rims of my eyes, crease and outer v. It can also smoke out my liner really well.
The angled brush is least use brush in this set. I have not yet tried using it for brow makeup or even eyeliner because it is a bit thick and dense than a usual angled brush.
The Lip brush has a nice black cover. It is a bit thin in width and does a great job in outlining my lips.

For the price of 1599.00 pesos per set. I really think that this is an awesome brush set. I have been using it for weeks now and it is quite handy. It also makes makeup application faster since the brushes are dual ended. Compared to the other brush sets in the local market, Charm brushes offer great quality from their packaging down to the brush itself. 

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  1. I love Charm brushes, and I think this is perfect for my makeup kit! I usually do my full face upon arriving at the office, and this seems like the perfect way to apply it without having double the amount of brushes!

  2. I love Charm brushes! My very first eye brushes are from the brand and I still love them to this day. I never experienced any shedding, plus they're super soft. I'm glad they have 2-in-1 brushes like these! It can save up space in your makeup bag. ;)


  3. i tried one Charm brush i got from sample room.. and it's really soft nga... :D i agree with you on dual-ended brushes though... it's not vanity table friendly... but it's very travel-friendly... :D

  4. Aww, I got excited when I saw the lip brush because it looked like it was retractable. I dislike caps because I find them difficult to clean when the inside gets smeared with lipstick (the last one i had tapered towards the end so I couldn't fit a cotton bud), and it would suck to lose the cap. The last retractable brush I got was a cute metallic pink one from Nichido, but the bristles kept shedding. Hope you can reco a good quality retractable lip brush! :)

  5. this revioew makes me wanna purchase a set for myself. the pink handles are so cute, i love it. Great review. I will definitely check their online store.

  6. Haven't even heard of this brand. I'm using my Avon set and I'm quite satisfied with it already, but when you said that these brushes are 100% vegan and very soft, well, it intrigued me! Thanks for this review Atty. Will surely check these babies soon :)


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