Maybelline Babylips Dr. Rescue

I seldom post reviews and recommendations of lip balms on this blog. Well, the primary reason would point to the fact that my lips are perpetually dry and chapped. I chanced upon this lipbalm while strolling in Megamall department store. The name "Dr. Rescue" got me like a handsome buff guy would have had me at one "hello". Probably and subconsciously speaking, I was truly in a desperate move to get rid of my chafing lips. I did not take product shots while the lipbalm was still carded because I have tried Baby Lips before and I was honestly not impressed at all. So, I just bought this for the sake of testing it. For 100 something pesos, I told myself this is worth a try.

Did I like it?

To cut the long story short, Yes, I did! Surprisingly, I have been using it everyday and has been a so called "mainstay" in my kikay kit. It has a subtle minty feel that is not sting at all. It acts as a good base for matte lip products because it is not glossy. It just gives off a natural sheen on the lips. Despite its blue color and like most medicated balms, it does not leave a white film on the lips. At times, when my lips is too dry, this product just don't work at all and I switch to Lucas Pawpaw instead. It has SPF 15 which is perfect for daytime wear. 
Have you found a nice lipbalm?
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  1. I currently use a bathology lipbalm given by my sister in law... okay nman sya kaso for some reason mas gusto ng lips ko yung sa maybelline mas matagal yung effects ng balm hehe :)

  2. Hmmm,, I've never liked Maybelline ever since.. I've bought a couple of lipbalm from them but it didn't work good for me... Mas gusto ko ang Careline lip balm..., i have been using it since i was in college and mas effective pa siya kaysa sa Maybelline kahit mura lng... My sister even told me that my lips is not chapped... Well, ginagamit ko siya at least 3 times a day.. =)


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