Myra Vitaglow BB Cream Review and Swatches

I remember those days when I was too afraid to wear foundation everyday (well, hindi na ngayon!). I was itching to get my hands on every tinted moisturizer I can find (siyempre yung mura lang.. kasi poorita ako nung college). Those were the days when double lettered creams were not known in the beauty market (anong bb at cc cream?). So, if your are a beauty enthusiasts way back (as in years ago,, ang tander ko na!!), you might probably experienced the tinted moisturizer craze. One of the most popular and most affordable is from Myra E. I got this package from Myra with a personalized pink brush holder. Thank you Marcie! When I got the package and got hold of the BB Creams, it reminded me of their tinted moisturizers. True enough, I find the product itself very similar with their tinted moisturizer.

Product Description:
Want to look fresh, blooming, and effortlessly beautiful throughout the day? Myra VitaGlow BB Cream is the perfect product for modern girls on the go who need to look gorgeous in a flash. This radiance-boosting tube is packed with multi-benefits for your skin that allow you to combine the prettifying power of skincare and makeup: 

It’s moisturizing. This lightweight cream hydrates your skin to keep it soft and supple. 

It contains Vitamin E. This helps nourish your skin even more, so your complexion appears younger-looking and healthy. 
It doubles as foundation. The tinted formula comes in two shades: Ivory and Beige, to help you even out your skintone perfectly and hide pigmentations. 
It contains skin-enhancing minerals. Staying late at the office? Use this unique BB cream to add a natural, glowing finish to your skin! You’ll love how the subtle, light-reflecting shimmers in this cream will make you look like you’ve got a lit-from-within glow. 
You can use it as concealer. Just pat an extra layer of Myra VitaGlow BB Cream to camouflage dark spots and blemishes. 
It’s also has sunscreen. The SPF15 in this easy to bring tube will protect you from harmful UV rays that causes premature aging. 
It’s hypoallergenic. Girls with sensitive skin don’t need to worry about breakouts, because this dermatologist-tested cream is proven safe for daily use. 
It’s the most affordable! There’s no need to hesitate when it comes to purchasing this product, since you can score instant glowing skin for only P99 a tube. Such a great beauty steal!
This only weighs 20ml. I believe that the tube and the contents of the product is lesser than their previous tinted moisturizer. I even thought that this pink tube was a sample. :p Due to its slim and small packaging, this can instantly fit in the side pockets of my bag. 

This product has a scent to it like their old tinted moisturizer (TM for brevity! Omg GT days!!) which I am not a fan. This BB Cream comes in two shades: Beige and Ivory. Ivory is the lighter shade perfect for those with yellow and even neutral undertones. Beige is the darker shade with beige/peachy pink undertones perfect for those with medium to dark skin tones. The consistency is lightweight and quite watery though it appears creamy like other bb creams. This dries relatively quick and has the tendency to settle on the fine lines and can get cakey if left unblended after a few minutes of application. Thus, there is a need to immediately blend the product on the skin.This can truly hydrate my skin.It says that it can be used as a concealer and has a coverage of foundation which but the coverage is realy sheer to light. I find that it evens out the skin tone and can instantly brighten my face. I find Ivory perfect for my skin tone. I disliked the noticeable shimmers in the product. Uhmmm discoball anyone? I would appreciate if this has sheen than shimmer pero ito literal na shimmer like micro glitters and it is reflective in every light you can think of - natural, fluorescent, flash photography, you name it. Though not readily noticeable, the shimmers are still there! I can not imagine wearing too much glitter in daytime. Well, on my skin, it does look pretty. (ahem or ako lang yun?charot) I do think that this look good on my skin because I do not have much blemishes. These shimmers tend to make my skin more radiant except during those times when I have rashes. For staying power and oil control, I must give this product a passing rate and during humid days it should receive a failing mark. Due to the shimmers, it can make the skin look oily. This is best for those with normal to dry skin tone. 
What I Love About the Product:
1. Lightweight on the skin.
2. I love the slim and portable packaging.
3. The shade Ivory made my skin more radiant.
4. Very affordble.
5. It did not break me out.
6. It can even out my skintone, cancels any redness and it made my skin look healthier.

What I disliked about the product:
1. It did not control my oilies especially on the Tzone area.
2. It has tiny shimmers.
3. It only has two shades.
4. It does not work on my skin whenever I have rashes or pimples.
5. It has a weird scent.

What can you think about the before and after?
I think Ivory looks lighter on the skin but I loved how it made my skin look glowing.

I highly recommend this to school girls or those women who are looking for an affordable base makeup.

Get that Myra Vitaglow by following the step by step tutorial of the pretty Ana Patricia Victorino!
Have a blessed day to all!

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  1. Wow! I love the customized brush set. I'm also not a fan of foundations before but I'm getting used to it now. Haha. Myra E is such a great brand. I used their lotions before and its great. Glad they have this foundation already. Guess it's time for me to try this too. Hehe. Great review, btw.


  2. Thank you for the review. I read other reviews about this product too but I don`t generally like products with scents.

  3. i'll definitely try this and recommend to my friends..hope it suits my skin!

  4. I think they replaced their tinted moisturizer with this one? I got a tube of this one and thought this looks good on me! at first I was hesitant to try it out since it looks light on me but it's only 99pesos so why not give it a try.
    one, i didn't look like ghost upon application plus the shimmer made my skin look fresh and glowing so bongga sya! plus, you don't need powder (for me, at least) to finish off the look.. basta, bongga to! :D

  5. too bad its not that good pla..Even the make up blogger SAY TIOCO says it doesnt have that coverage eh...I'm a MYRA E user p nmn ever since.

  6. I was looking for this in watson pero wla na atang stock, I love Myra, I take Myra 400E also :D

    1. san Watsons ka tumingin? mdalaas meron nmn.... though ung akin hndi pa ubos... wla cia coverage prang tinted moisturizer lng... pro pwde na for everyday use.

  7. Hi cris! Meron din nito sa (, chineck ko yung site nila meron pang available na stock. Dun kasi ako bumili last week kasi trip na trip ko yung beige na color ng cream. Sawa na kasi ako sa misha e kaya tinry ko yung myra.

  8. I want to try this.. available ba to sa drugstore?


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