Review: Tony Moly Berrianne Whitening Creme

If you know me, I ain't much of skincare addict. Well, ikaw ba naman ang magkarashes almost every other week, I bet you will also not dare try new things. My skin care is as basic as it gets. And yes, because of my psoriasis and rash prone skin, I skip toner every other day. Tony Moly sent me this whitening cream and I thought it was something that I would just use for a few times and eventually leave it on my drawer to accumulate dust. Oh I guess I was wrong because I have been using it daily (as in twice a day pa)!  
This cream has a fluffy mousse like consistency. This is very lightweight and it is easily absorbed by my skin. I used it as a base before applying my moisturizer and my sunblock. I love the sweet subtle scent. It is not oily nor greasy and smoothens out my skin after application.
This cream is enriched with cloud berry extract, birch tree extract and peet extract. One tub retails for 948 pesos. Do not worry about the price, this product can go a long way because pea size amount is enough for the whole face. I did not experience any rashes using this product nor did it break me out. As for the whitening factor, I have not seen any effect yet.

Over all! I really like this product. Take note that this is not a miracle cream but it does a good job of adding moisture on the skin without having a greasy or oily feel like most of my heavy moisturizers.


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  1. Hi! Can I was wondering if you could post about changing careers into a make-up artist? Are you still a lawyer? And all that?

  2. i'm really into skincare... even though my derma told me i had sensitive skin, i still experiment of skincare products... tigas ulo... haha.. anyway, i don't like it when great products have a "whitening" claim... my face is lighter than my neck and the rest of my body na... kahit na i use the same products on my neck too... :p

  3. I'm a skincare addict so I think this is nice. :) Most whitening creams I know are oily and greasy. I like that this is lightweight and absorbs easily on skin, but I don't like the whitening effect kasi hindi naman ako nagpapaputi.hehe! and I'm always exposed to the sun so I think this won't work for me. :)

  4. hmmm.. i'm a tony oly fan po. their products are quite pricey yet very good to apply on skin. super effective! very light lang po sa skin. perfect for sensitive skin :)


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