Etude House Play 101 Pencil (Review + Swatches)

I underwent an eyeliner/jumbo pencil phase exactly two months ago. (Right now, I am in a skincare phase.. Hence, more skincare posts soon. ) I purchased liners online and I was thrilled when Etude House sent me 5 Play 101 Pencil. Etude House certainly satisfied my lemming for this play 101 pencils. I was really curious with these pencils since I have been seeing them in the blogosphere. One of my good friend, Helen Blas of Lucky Citrine got me looking into these pencils coz she got some gorgeous pink shades. These pencils are retractable and comes in a sharpener at the end. They got 50 shades to choose from. Imagine me with eyes wide open at the Etude House Store when I saw the stand of these pencils (literal na nganga ako!!). It has everything there from matte to shimmery and from dark to light with textures from matte, glossy, and shimmery. I think they pretty much covered every shade in the color wheel (primary and secondary colors combined) and a lot of fancy shades. I specifically adore their concealer line which can double as an eye brightener! They have a wide array of concealer just for concealers alone beige, peach, pink tone, yellow tone ... ahh you name it. 
This gel type pencil costs 348 pesos a pop. Hmmm.. I think the amount is quite affordable considering the fact this is a multifunctional product. You can use it on your eyes, cheek and lips. These liners glides on smoothly. No tugging at all. They are very easy to use on the lashline or waterline. They are waterproof and budgeproof except for teh shimmery No. 4.  I have used them accordingly as to how I perceive each of them should be used like the blue liner is an eyeliner and so on and so forth. I have not yet tried using the red ones as a blusher,, give me time to explore that possibility. 

Texture wise all colors have different consistency and blending applicability. No. 25 and No. 4 is very soft that they felt like a melted pencil as I glide them on my  lips and eyes respectively. No. 30 and 18 being matte, are much stiffer but not hard to apply. 

Is it long lasting? Hell yeah!!! My favorite is no. 35. I used this in my previous post, if you could just take a few moments to stare at my eyes, I used on my lower lashline. I even used it during an event and it stayed very well on my eyes. No retouching needed. 

Shade description

#18- pale lilac shade that can be used as an eyeshadow base and eyeliner. I tried using it on the waterline but it does not up show up very well.

#35- As I mentioned is a very very nice shade. I suggest you get this if you are feel brave enough to wear blue on the lid or on the lash line. You can use this as an eyeshadow too but you have to blend quickly because it dries immediately.

#30- This is a gorgeous ox blood red that is great for my dark lip lines. I love this shade so much it goes well with my Barely Plum Loreal Lipstick!! It also works well as a base for the lips if you want a edgy red lipstick. It also works very well on the lower lash line or eyeshadow base and cheek color!lahat na!! Ito na ang peborit ko hindi pala ang #35. haha I imagine recreating Jaclyn Hill's smokey eyes with this shade (She is definitely my new youtube guru favorite.. Just look how amazing she does her eye makeup) 

#2- This is a glossy cool red that works well as a lip liner and let me try it as a blush soon. :)

#25 - A hot medium pink that works so well with my light pink. This turned my Loreal Barely Pink into a Nicki Minaj shade yoh! This broke quite easily.  Make sure you place it in a cool dry place or the fridge to prevent it breaking. 

#4 - This is pearly pink shade that gives off a  very glistening and luminous finish. Perfect for the tearducts. Tried lining my entire waterline with this and I ended looking like a discoball from photos and it made my look weird and small. So, I therefore proclaim, pang tear duct ka lang!! hehe This broke quite easily.  Make sure you place it in a cool dry place or the fridge to prevent it breaking. 

That's it!!! Over all, I like these eyeliners and I suggest them to makeup enthusiasts! Get #35 and #30. 


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  1. Finally, been looking for a review of this product ^^ Thanks for sharing for your review ^^ The colors are so pretty, are there neutral shades?

  2. Wow! Parang color pencils lang. Makes you wanna get them all :) I wonder if these can be used as lipstick?

  3. etude house fan here <3
    i love how pigmented this is ! love it <3


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