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 Have I mentioned that I am on a skin care spree.Aside from the fact that skin care brands have been quite generous in sending me their products, I am quite obsessed with skin care right now. Currently, I am very particular with the soaps that I have been using. Of course, I wanted to achieve that glowing and fairer skin. Ay sos I know I been redundant about my dream of a flawless skin. I was given a box filled with Royale Beauty Products to review by Ysa. Thank you so much. This is not the first time I heard about Royale Beauty. I have met a taxi driver who was selling these products last year. Then, my mom bought their soaps too. Ysa was kind enough to send me a lot of products to try. I am trying my best to test each and every product sent to me but having sensitive skin I need to a skin care routine strictly for two - three weeks before jumping in to a new product. 
 The generous loot from Ysa! I did not know that Royale Beauty now has lipstick products and other skin care stuff too. I have heard raves on their Pinkish Glow Toner but I am currently using Burt's Bees and I not brave enough to switch facial skin care one after the other. I figure that I should try their soaps first. The first soap that I tried which I will be giving a review in this post is their L-Gluta Power. 

This is soap costs 200 pesos per pc. I know this is quite pricey for a bar of soap but I am truly after the Glutathione ingredient in this product.  I like the fact that it is housed in a thick plastic box because the box does not deteriorate at all whenever splashed or dripped in water. With this you can conclude that I do not use a soap holder.  I place my soaps inside the box every after shower or bath. The reason? I want to know the product I am using for review purposes and I really find the soap box very useful. This is sealed  and comes in a plastic covering. I even told myself. My gulay ayaw mo ba magpagamit because I had a hard time opening this soap. 

The soap is colored white and has a very distinct floral scent. This did not melt easily and I used this for a period of  3 weeks (continuously). I suggest to cut this in half to make the usage last longer. On my first use, I did experience a bit of itching because I let it stayed on my skin for a few minutes. On my succeeding usage, no more itching occurred. It did not dry out my skin nor it made my skin tight or greasy. With a few rubbing/strokes on my towel r sponge, it lathered very well. It did not break me out nor triggered my psoriasis. 
Did it make me lighter? That I do not know because I have been switching up my body soap every now and then. I do not mind buying one for myself because the soaps lasted 3 weeks without melting.
I am excited to try the anti ageing facial soap, raved by a local beauty guru and the Pinkish Glow toner because it is raved by Bing of Project Awesome. What product do you think shall I try next.

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  1. That's a pretty expensive soap. I'm seeing Royale commercials in some stores recently. I want to try Glutathione too but I'm not into expensive soaps yet.

  2. My friend tells me to use Royale Products because they're really effective. I just don't find a store to buy it. In watsons, they always say that it's out of stock. Tsh.

  3. I've been hearing good things about Royale's products especially the anti-aging facial soap. But I still haven't tried one, though.

  4. i been curious about this product,is this available in the market or online purchase only?

  5. Royale's products are good,. if im not mistaken this soap cost php150,.

  6. Royal ang isa sa mga producto na nasubukan ko na very effective lalo na ung kojic Papaya soap :-)

  7. hello po. you can buy royale beauty products through their distributors. my mother and i was one of them. you can even avail discount also and be part of the growing family of distributor as royale offers business opportunity too. you can contact us/me if you are interested. thanks

  8. its a good product my favotite soaf is kojic papaya

  9. i love to use Kojic papaya soaf it's really effective!

  10. I'm not sure how much their Kojic soap is , but I'm considering to try it since I've been reading good feedback about it.


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