Cheap Thrill: Pixy UV Whitening Two Way Cake (Perfect Fit)

Hello Friday!!! Okay, I will make a quick kwento. You may have noticed that I have been rarely posting on this the last two weeks.  I was busy (as usual) and I am super duper excited with my FIRST out of the country trip. I will be going to South Korea.  The moment I got the news that our visa were approved, I can't help but research where to eat, where to go and what to buy!Facundo, Ilabas na ang alkansiya! For the first time in my life I have given myself an exceptional gift. I would usually buy two pieces of clothes or splurge on makeup but I am growing old. (ito na naman po ako sa aking mmk moment). I want more happy memories. Most of all, I want to reward myself for all the hard work and unappreciated efforts that I did.  Foremost, I thank the Lord that HE as my Jehovah Jireh, has provided me with blessings more than I could ever ask for. Anyways, I will be leaving for SK 10 days from now and can I just say that I have been dreaming about dongs and gongs like crazy because of the places in SK usually end with either a dong or a gong. O siya. sumosobra na ako sa chika. 

Let us now go to a review of this funda! I may sound like broken record but I just love foundation in whatever form they come. When Pixy was launched a few months back, I received a lot of goodies from them. One of which is this two way cake. It is housed in a white plastic compact that reminds me of my very first powder foundation - Neutrogena but that was in a silver casing. 
I honestly do not know how many shades this foundation has. I have not yet seen any pixy stand in Megamall. I hope they will put up one soon. Their lipsticks are the bomb!!! Anyways, I got the shade in Natural Beige. Looking at it on the pan, it looks suited on my NC35 skintone but once applied it looks a shade lighter on me. I was not a fan of the wet method of applying two cake foundations. However, during the launch of Pixy, the former Shu Uemura Chief Makeup Artist Xeng Zulueta applied this in such manner. I was amaze with how this foundation made the model's face flawless.

This foundation has a medium coverage whether applied wet or dry. The texture is smooth and blendable. Despite its medium coverage, this feels light on the skin. It also has a good staying power. 
What I love about this powder:
1. Staying power is very good on my dry skin. No touch ups until the 4-5th hour of use.
2.It has a smooth blendable texture.
3. It does not have a scent.
4. It has a good coverage. It can cover up my blemishes and undereye circles especially when used with a wet sponge.
5. The sponge that came with is the best I have ever tried!!!No kidding!!  
(Dear Pixy Cosmetics, kindly sell your sponges individually please!!!!!!)
6. It has SPF 15.
7. It gives off a matte finish.
8. It is also good for touch ups.
9. It is best use with alone when applied when, or with a lighter base or for touch ups.

What I do not like about this powder:
1. It has a tendency to cake especially when used with a makeup base that has a heavy coverage. 
2. They have limited shades. The shade Natural Beige still looks light on me and gives me that mumu effect! Halloween ang peg! I just temper the lightness of the foundation with a matte bronzer.
3. Due to its matte finish, it has the tendency to highly the dry patches on my face.
LEFT: With PIXY UV Whitening Two Way Cake (Perfect Fit) applied through a wet sponge
RIGHT: No makeup
Please wag niyo ng pansinin ang aking bagong gising hairstyle. :)

The photo speaks for itself. Look how it covered up my nasty dark under eyes and pimple marks.

Overall, I like this powder foundation. I already hit pan on two compacts. :) It is my go to powder when I do not like layering products. I specially like it to apply through wet method.For the price and coverage, I will definitely repurchase!


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  1. Ohh my this brightens and whitens your skin up wonderfully! ^ u ^

  2. I need to use this again! It's been sitting on my stash for a while now. huhu. #hoarderproblems

  3. I am really gonna get a pixy products very soon.. Heard a lot of good reviews about it.


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