Krave Vegelash Mascara (The Vegetable Based Mascara Review)

Krave Minerals is a homegrown brand that promises the benefits of mineral makeup. I have been hearing about this brand online from youtube gurus and I am very interested in trying out Filipino made products. When they contacted me to review their products on my blog , I can’t help but accede. I have been particularly curious on this Vegelash Mascara because I have seen before and after photos using this product that showed amazing results.
 What this Mascara claims:
1. Vegetable Based
2. 80% less chemicals
3. Lash Conditioning
4. Smudge Proof

This product is housed in a black tube that has a sticker label. When I checked the brush, I was surprised that it looked very similar with Maybelline’s Rocket Mascara. The brush applicator is a fat one with plastic bristles. The brush feels very sturdy. The product itself is very thick and it looks very pigmented. Upon application, I was not wrong with my impression that it is pigmented. This has a nice strong black finish when applied on the lashes. It is a matte black color that gives ampf to my lashes in an instant. I really thought that this mascara has been causing me eye irritation turned out my eyes are always tired, hence, irritated and always tearing up. So, for the record, this did not irritate my eyes at all.

Here is a before and after shot of my eyes. (without and with mascara comparative picture)

What I love about this product:
1. The shade is insanely black and pigmented. This can instantly open up my peepers
even with one coat even without the use of a lash curler.
2. It somehow lengthens my lashes and gives it a very nice volume.
3. This is smudgeproof and does not smear even when I rub my eyes.
4. It does not make my lashes brittle and stiff.
5. This did not irritate my eyes.
6. This can be easily removed with water and soap.
7. Very affordable. This only cost 319 pesos.
8. Available locally and can be purchased through online sellers.

What I do not like about this product:
1. This tends to create spider lashes due to clumping.
2. The brush is quite big which makes it hard to maneuver on the inner corner of the
3. This is not waterproof. This smeared on me badly when I (ahem) cried. Haha Guess,
every mascara should have that tear proof test especially for brides to be.
4. Lives up to the three month rule. There are mascaras which I can use for more than three months but this one has already changed its texture. It became thicker in consistency after its third month. The reason, being (perhaps), this mascara is made of natural ingredients.

Here is another shot of my eyes with the mascara.

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  1. nice review but i love mascara that is waterproof,i always rub my eyes and it might me give that momo look,thats what my baby bella call me when my mascara get messed up

  2. I think I can give a try with this one!

  3. I like it when I wear mascara but my eyes get irritated most of the time so I don't use it that much..

  4. I love wearing mascara but my eyes get irritated sometimes.

    **Jenie Rosanes

  5. i used tow ear alot of mascara and eyeliners and the works. now i settled with just a good lash perm, and nothin eose. nakakaruin ba ng pagkaperm ng lashes pag gumagamit pa ng mascara? and same with using makeup remover on it?

  6. One of my favorite brands which offers organic make-up. I've tried their correct and conceal concealer and I kinda like it but I never tried any of their mascaras. I would love to try this one, will put this in my wish list hehe

  7. I love mascara. I want to try this


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