Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara Review

I found a way where I could blog while away from home. Well, thanks to my new phone I can write blog posts through mobile internet. Anyways, months ago Heroine Make finally arrived in Manila. It is brought by Mandom Corp., the company behind Pixy, Gatsby and Lucido-l. Today, let me blog about something I am really loving. It is the Heroine Make's long and curl mascara. When I got this Liz told me that it is waterproof and would be perfect for my wedding.

It is housed in a light tube with a very kawaii packaging. The brush itself is curled and slim.
The first time I tried this was when I was in the office. I even posted a photo on instagram because I was utterly amazed on how it lengthened my lashes and curled it even without the help of an eyelash curler. It keeps my curl almost the whole day. The consistency is just right but three coats can immediately cause clumping. Two coats or more can add vavavolume on my lashes. The only thing I disliked about it was that it does not dry easily to the point that the mascara smears or transfers under my eyes. I need to keep my eyes open for a few seconds to keep it smearing. Once dried, it does not budge at all! It is extremely waterproof and I need to massage my makeup cream remover over my lashes longer than usual to ensure that it is completely removed.  It is also very pigmented. The shade is jet black which instantly open up my peepers. I can  skip tightlining whenever i use this mascara. This is definitely the mascara I will be using on my wedding day! Finally, one makeup product found its way on my wedding makeup stash. (If you have suggestions on the products that I should use or try for my big day, please do comment below)
Look how this mascara turned my unnoticeable lashes to luscious ones. My officemate/friend kept on complimenting my lashes when she saw me wearing this one.
Hello volume and length!! F na f ko talaga ang masacara na ito! Winner! I will definitely repurchase.

Here are a few pictures on the Heroine Make Launch in SM MOA months ago. "Heroine Make is a Japanese-manufactured makeup line with ten years of history that turns women into princesses since 2005." I saw this brand in Korea being sold in Olive Young and Watsons. I heard this is a pretty popular brand in Japan, Hongkong and Singapore. I love the fact that most of Asian Beauty Brands have already infiltrated the Philippine Beauty Market. Heroine Make is known for manufacturing revolutionary and affordable eye makeup products. They have false lashes, mascara,liners, brow products, bb cream and powder.
During the launch, Sayuri Igarashi demonstrated a quick makeover on Tellie. The brow pencil she was using in this photo looks really promising. Sayuri applied it in a jiffy on Tellie's brows. It was really quick but look how it looked very natural on Tellie's brows.

Say Hello to the beautiful Princess Elizabeth Himeko.
I really find Heroine Make products truly promising. I will definitely blog  more about their product. My wishlist this Christmas includes their mascara and bb cream! Have you trued their products?

Heroine Make products are sold at leading department stores nationwide particularly at SM. 
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  1. I really want to try something out from this brand thanks for sharing!I really enjoy reading you blog I'm a new follower on GFC and bloglovin and I would love it if you followed back :) thanks!

  2. the packaging is so pretty!
    great review dear.
    the only product that I never liked using is a mascara
    but this is a great find.

    Ms. Kei

  3. OMG!!! This is so pretty! Love the packaging and the way it gives length and volume on the lashes. A must try!

    1. Yes!! This is also waterproof and smudgeproof

  4. What phone are you using? :D intrigera! lol

  5. Yuhh. Same question here. What phone did you use for this blogpost? :)

  6. ohhh this look so nice! I never tried it before :) aside from this can you suggest a nice waterproof mascara na affordable if meron :) Thanks in advance :)

  7. Can you compare this to EH's Curl Fix mascara?


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