Nu Skin Ageloc Featuring: Gentle Cleanse and Tone and Tru Face Essence Ultra

Whenever PR companies or brands send me anti-aging products, I will just use them once or twice then I will give them to my mother afterwards.  I had a very bad experience with an anti aging product when I was in law school. It was a very commercialized product that boasts of its anti aging properties. So, ako naman ang nagfeeling tander because of the stress in law school, I tried it. The next day my whole face was full of rashes. As in para akong rashes na tinubuan ng mukha. Kalurki. From then on, I veer away from skin care products with anti aging properties in it. Feel ko kasing hindi ito bet ng aking sensitive skin. When I went to Korea (ito na naman ako sa line na ito.. malamang magsasawa kayo sa linyang ito for the next months hehe), I was really drawn to how many of the Koreans both men and women have generally good skin. As in poreless! Even the waiters at local restaurants were too good looking for their jobs!! Pang starstruck sila mga teh! Pramis ang daming gwapo sa korya.. hehe Anyways, I asked the manager of the guesthouse where we stayed why Koreans have very nice skin. His answer was skin care and they used anti aging products very early. Also, he boasted of their very clean and purified water. 

I immediately remembered Nu Skin's ageLOC products. I was set in giving this to my mom again but great thing I did not. I first tried their Gentle Cleanse and Tone. This cleanser is a very foamy bubble cleanser but felt really gentle on my skin. It lathered really well and I felt my skin truly cleansed after washing. I also noticed that my skin did not feel tight or dry after use. 
Here's what Nu Skin says about this product:

ageLOC Gentle Cleanse and Tone is a luxurious foaming cleanser that combines cleansing and toning into a single step. It gently cleanses, purifies, replenishes, and hydrates skin, preparing it to receive advanced anti-aging ingredients. An effective time saver, this dual-action formula helps maintain skin’s natural healthy pH and delivers an infusion of ageLOC to the skin, targeting the sources of aging while leaving skin feeling refreshed and youthful.ageLOC targets the sources of aging to preserve the look of youth and reduce the appearance of aging. It cleanses and purifies skin, preparing the skin to receive anti-aging ingredients.It replenishes and maintains skin’s moisture, increasing healthy hydration. It works at the skin’s own natural healthy pH, helping to preserve skin’s natural moisture.And it is formulated with mild cleansing ingredients gentle enough for all skin types.
The bottle looks so sosyal, don't you think?

Another product sent to is the Tru Face Essence Ultra. This baby right has a hefty price tag and I think is fit for a queen! Grabe, I never though I would have a skin care that would cost this much (around 10,000 **will edit this post to reflect the right price). This bottle contains 60 capsules.
Here is what Nu Skin has to say:
Formulated with the power of Ethocyn,® Nu Skin’s firming specialist also employs our revolutionary anti-aging science, targeting the sources of aging that lead to the loss of firmness. Leave undefined skin in the past and enjoy firmer, younger looking skin today and in the future, with ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra. ageLOC targets the sources of aging to preserve the look of youth and reduce the appearance of aging. Featuring the power of Ethocyn, clinically proven to improve the key component of firm skin. It helps contour and firm the skin for a more youthful appearance and defines skin around the eyes, neck, chin, and jawline. It also helps protect the skin from free radicals.
This small capsule has the right amount of product for the face and even for the neck. Once applied, I immediately felt the firming effect of this essence. It smoothened my face and it instantly got rid of my dry patches. Thus, this doubles as my primer. It gives my faceThe essence has the consistency and texture of an oil serum but dries to an almost semi matte finish. 

Nu Skin is the World Leader in the creation and distribution of extraordinarily effective personal care products with an emphasis on skin care. Founded in 1984, Nu Skin has expanded to 48 markets worldwide with products being sold one-to-one by over 828,000 active distributors. 

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