PR: Flawless Pink Revolution

Forward March to Beauty with the Flawless Pink Revolution

A most beautiful uprising is about to unfold.

The country’s preferred clinic for face, body and medical services, Flawless, is inviting everyone to rise and join in the beauty battle against skin and body concerns with the Flawless Pink Revolution. Celebrating another year of giving Filipinos easier access to medically-sound and innovative skin and body solutions, the Flawless Pink Revolution gives everyone the opportunity to take arms and march towards 100% more value with 5+5 service packages that can be purchased at all of the brand’s 38 clinics nationwide, all month long. “We really want to mark this fantastic year and share the success with our clients,” shares Rubby Sy, CEO of Flawless. “Several milestones were achieved not just for Flawless but for the entire Philippines. 2014 is the year that we launched the country’s first ever widely-available all-in-one intravenous vitamin mix – called the Beauty Drip - and our All-Natural Ultimate White Facial. This is also the year that we managed to exclusively bring in the world’s first 100 percent natural in origin, 100 percent biodegradable and 100 percent hypoallergenic beauty line,
Novexpert.” Sy continues, “We also opened two more locations this year, one in Bacolod and another in Eastwood. With plans to begin operations early next year in several move sites – we can’t be more thankful to everyone who continues to support us. And that’s why we instigated the Flawless Pink Revolution.”

Sy shares that under the Flawless Pink Revolution, they are matching 100% of the 5 sessions customers initially purchase to thank and empower their loyal patrons with 5 more FREE sessions of the same services. The loved brand has included some of their bestsellers for this offer, such as the Cell Booster Infusion Mask, Nano Power Peel, Laser Hair Removal and Shape and Sculpt. But the best thing about this promo is that clients can share and pass on the services they purchased with family and friends – equipping everyone with their necessary and chosen beauty arsenal. Gear up for beauty now and be part of the Flawless Pink Revolution.

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