Shiseido UV Protective Liquid Foundation

is no secret that I love foundation. Surprisingly last 2014, I was very pleased with foundations that I own. I did not feel lemming for new ones. Frankly, there are only two foundations that I bought (aside from my pressed foundations that I need to repurchase monthly or every after two months) last year and they ar eteh NYX Invincible Foundation and the MAC Studiofix. Apart from the products that were sent to me or given by PR Companies and Brands (no, hindi ako nagyayabang!! Nagsasabi lang ng tottoo #defensive hehe), there is one foundation that was truly a hit. It literally cured my foundation addiction (or wala lang akong pera pambili ng bagong funda kaya kiber na!!hehe). I have mentioned this in my Best of Beauty 2014 for face products. It is none other than the Shiseido UV Protective Liquid Foundation. Ito ang bonggang bonggang funda na super duper love ko nung 2014.

Why do I love this foundation? Let me give you a rundown on my reasons:

1. It has awesome coverage. Prior to using this foundation, I had this notion that the best foundations in the market are the ones with heavy coverage and creamy texture. Then  this foundation came along and it literally changed my mindset. I can't believe that a foundation with such a light and runny texture can deliver better than my heavy duty foundations and can make my skin look flawless and poreless.

2.It is very lightweight. As I have mentioned, this foundation is lightweight. This has a very runny consistency but it blends very well. It feels like second skin when applied.

3. Perfect for everyday wear. I would always describe bb creams or tinted moisturizer as "perfect for everydya wear" but you would rarely see on my reviews this comment on foundations. Why? I really think that foundations are not meant to be used on an everyday basis because it tends to clog the pores. Yes may ganon factor! This foundation is an exception. I use this for everyday wear and it did not break me out nor did it cause my blackheads or whiteheads to multiply.

4. It has SPF 43++. If you live in a tropical country (or elsewhere in the world), sun protection is a must. This foundation has an SPF 43 in it. So, in case I forgot to apply my sunblock, this foundation saves the day. Despite having a high SPF, this does not have a white cast of flash photography.

5.It makes my skin look flawless.  Everytime I wear this foundation, I really feel beautiful. (Echosera lang noh?) This can really make my skin look flawless. Even if I have rashes, this foundation can still make my skin look good.

6. It has a very good staying power. This has a very good staying power. It can withstand the humid weather of Manila. It can last half day on me without retouching. I can use this without any primer and it would still last long on my face. Usually by mid day it gives my skin a very natural dewy glow. This foundation stays put when applied and does not move around but it still needs to be set.

8. It does not irritate my skin. As I have mentioned, this did not break me our nor did it irritate my skin despite using regularly.

9. It looks so nice on photography. Aside from my Mac Studiofix, this is one of those foundations that look so beautiful on photographs. You can refer to my before and after photos below for proof. As in hands down, my skin look flawless.

10. It comes in a squeeze tube. I love the fact that it comes in a squeeze tube for sanitary purposes. It also comes with a very nice sponge which I preferred using for powder application. The product itself is very lightweight and is perfect for travelling.

11. A little goes a long way. This foundation has been in my stash since the early quarter of 2014 and until now I think I still have less than half left. This is one of those few foundations that looks so good with just one layer and can instantly cover my imperfections.

What I do not like about this foundation:
I got the shade Medium Beige which looks perfect for my medium yellow skintone but there are times that I notice that it would turn a bit orange on me. I am still trying to figure out if this is cause by my setting powder. :)
Forgive my poor swatches. My digital camera needs to be cleaned at the Sony Service Center and I have no time to bring it there. 

Here is my before and after shot (bagong ligo look) using this foundation.

This foundation costs 1750 pesos and is worth every centavo. If you are looking for a lightweight foundation with awesome coverage, this is the one for you!! :)

What is your favorite liquid foundation?


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  1. This is so pretty! I wanna try this foundation. The skin looks flawless with it. You are right, its worth the price.

  2. I think this looks too light on you... In fact, most of your foundations do. :(

    1. Thanks for the comment.. :) I know it looks lighter but I always prefer a shade lighter or half a shade lighter than my skin tone because I am acidic. :) after a few minutes, the foundation will and the color blends with my skin tone. Pramis hehe. :) It is really hard to find my shade. Godbless

    2. ** will set

      Also, my setting powder is bit darker than my skintone thus after setting it will look like my skintone na. :)

    3. You can refer on my etude house hair coloring review for comparison. And yes all my foundations are lighter than my skin because it really takes blending (with my setting powder) and time for the color to blend with my skintone. :) Godbless again... (Ang dami kong explanation haha :) )


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