Review: Nivea Cleansing Wipes

 One of my cardinal rule in my skincare regimen is that I should never sleep with makeup on. I have always tried to keep that rule in mind. No matter what the circumstances I am in, I will find a way to clean my face and remove all my makeup before going to bed. I know I sound like a big fat liar but I can literally drag myself just to do this nightly ritual. Years ago, I was contended with a cotton ball or a facial tissue drenched with makeup cleanser to wipe off my makeup. Then, I discovered the wonders of makeup cleansing wipes. I started using makeup wipes two years ago. Nivea recently launched their Cleansing Wipes and I saw other beauty bloggers posting reviews and photos of these wipes and the first thing that went to my mind, "Ay mahal yan!"  Napahiya naman ng lola niyo because when I visited Watsons,I found out that one pack only costs 140 pesos! Nakarating siguro sa Nivea na bet kong itry ang cleansing wipes nila because they sent 4 packs for review. Bongga. Nakatipid na naman ang kuripot na bridezilla. :)

 These cleansing wipes have two variants:

Daily Essentials Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes: For Dry and Sensitive Skin. It cleanses, tones and hydrates. It removes makeup and waterproof mascara. Suitable for sensitive eyes. It contains natural almond oil and Hydra IQ. 1 pack contains 25 Sheets.

Pure Effect 3 in 1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes: For Oily and impre skin. Deeply cleanses, exfoliates and fights impurities. It contains Magnolia Extract. 1 pack contains 20 sheets.
 Gentle Cleansing Facial and Pure Effect Exfoliating

These wipes have a drier feel to them compared to the ones I previously used. I honestly thought these will not work out for me. Surprisingly, they work really well on their own without the help of  any cream cleanser. It removes all the makeup and gunk on my face like a dream. On lazy days, I pull out one exfoliating wipe, one gentle cleansing wipe to remove my makeup and skip my Nature Republic Cream Cleanser. After wiping off my makeup, my face feels so clean as if I have washed it with water and facial wash.There are times that I was even tempted to sleep without washing my face with water. Thanks to these wipes, my face feels squeaky clean because these wipes does not leave a sticky feel. The Gentle Facial Wipes is perfect perfect for removing eye makeup and it can even remove waterproof masacara and eyeliner (but siyempre with effort!!). The Gentle Facial Wipes have a sweeter scent while the exfoliating one has a strong soapy and powdery scent. The Gentle Facial Wipes have smoother texture and has a bit more moisture compared to the Exfoliating one. This wipe feels so soft and luxurious when I slide it on my skin, hence, it is perfect for removal of eye makeup. The Exfoliating Makeup Wipe has two sides. One side has a textured finish because of the raised dots (this is for exfoliation) and the other side has a smoother texture. On days when I feel that my face is filled with dirt and gunk, I opt for the Exfoliating Wipes. Just a note, make sure than you wipe off your makeup gently. Wag manggigigil girls and boys!! The first time I used the exfoliating facial wash, I applied too much pressure while massaging it on my face, I immediately developed rashes. So, ang lesson to be learned ay -- wag excited magtanggal ng make-up, Nakakarashes. :) 

 Overall, I am loving these wipes from Nivea. This debunked my theory that the best makeup wipes are the moist ones because these wipes surprisingly get the job done!! If you will ask me which I like between the two? I have to say that I like the Gentle Facial Wipes more because I can use it for eye makeup removal and it just have a sweet subtle scent.
After using one gentle facial wipe and one exfoliating wipe on my face. Without makeup but with eye bags!! Natutulog po ako promise. Si GENES po ang may sala kaya perpetually dark ang under eyes ko!!! 

What do you think? Is the Nivea Cleansing Wipe, a yay or a nay?


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  1. I love this! i use these a lot!!!! :D

  2. Very nice make up remover.
    You are still beautiful without make up on :)


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