Alabang Town Center Presents: Townie Titles

 The last time I have been to the South was two or three years ago. Hubby to be wants to settle in the south but I am having second thoughts because it is too far but when I saw ATC and how chill and relaxed the people were, I am having a change of mind. I could remember my dear college friend who is really proud to be a southern gal because of the wide variety of food joints and restaurants available. We even went on a South Trip with her once years ago!! hehe:) Last two weeks, bloggers were invited by ATC to feature the Townie Titles. 

Townie Titles is a mobile website for users to log and level up their ATC experience through badges earned. Just by doing what they do best, Townies can level up into the ultimate Town VIP with badges that will earn them freebies, early access to activities, and the ultimate bragging rights in the South. All Townies have to do is present their 500 pesos worth of single receipts at the Concierge and log in the provided codes at

So how do you get started Towning Around?
1. Purchase and present (Make a purchase at any participating store and present your receipt at the concierge)
2. Enter your code (The concierge will generate a unique code and key in it for you)
3. See your new badge (Show off your new badge and repeat the steps to level up into a Townie VIP)

For more information, watch this clip:

 Fun pictures of beauty bloggers having fun at the South!! Here, we are greeting Nikki of Askmewhats a Happy Birthday!:)
I was on the brink of buying a new concealer. Hehe Here, Liz was showing to me the Laura Mercier one. I really wanted to buy the Nars Radiant Concealer and a primer but I opted to shop for clothes and sandals.

Are you a Southern girl/gal and loves to shop or dine? Make sure to participate at Townie Titles to earn your badges. Who knows you might be the lucky winner of a ten thousand pesos shopping spree?

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