My Laser Teeth Whitening Experience At Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics

 3 years ago, I do not like coffee at all.Fast forward today, I literally can not start my day without drinking one tall glass/mug  of coffee! My addiction  dependence to coffee made a huge impact on my teeth and health. Acid reflux became more frequent and my teeth turned more yellow. The stains on my teeth were very visible to the point that I do not wear pink or red lipsticks very often because these colors tend to highlight my corn yellow teeth. No amount of whitening toothpaste or even frequent brushing lightened my teeth. I wanted to have my teeth whitened for my wedding day. Luckily, Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics emailed me if I wanted to try their services. And guess what? (Malamang alam niyo na ang sagot!) One of the services they offered me was theri laser teeth whitening. 

"Shinagawa is a world-renowned leader in LASIK and Aesthetic medicine, Shinagawa began as an Aesthetic clinic in 1988 in Japan, and has steadily evolved to become one of the top Aesthetic centers in the world. Today, it boasts of 49 branches scattered all over the country and employs over 100 plastic surgery specialists. Shinagawa’s methodology has become an industry standard that 20% of plastic surgeons in Japan have been trained at Shinagawa. The Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetic clinic in the Philippines is Shinagawa’s first major business operation outside Japan. With the establishment of the Philippine branch in Manila, Shinagawa aims to provide the best, safest, most accessible and affordable services not only to Filipinos but to the rest of the world. Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics philosophy is to provide the latest in medical technology to its patients and clients at a very affordable cost, without compromising the quality of patient care."

Before going to Shinagawa, I had no idea with regard to the procedure of teeth whitening. I did not researched at all because I was too busy transitioning from being an office girl to a full time private practitioner/freelancer. Ngayon pa ako nawalan ng time kung kelan supposedly marami akong time. Yes, truly ironic. 
The doctors from Shinagawa were very kind and accommodating that they answered my questions from teeth care to the laser procedure to the very condition of my teeth. All of my issues were properly discussed by the dentists of Shinagawa. The teeth whitening procedure (done to me) uses chemically activated or light activated bleaching gel. It is composed of two steps oral prophylaxis and the teeth whitening procedure itself.

I underwent oral prophylaxis two weeks ago. Yesterday, I finally had the teeth whitening procedure. I was at the point of backing out because I have very low pain tolerance as in zero. Why? Dra. Frances explained to me that during the teeth whitening procedure teeth becomes very sensitive. This means that the patient may suffer from pangingilo to extreme pangingilo. Wow!! Eh pasta palang nga eh super takot na ako! haha.  But, a blogger has to what she has to do right? The whitening procedure itself has three cycles composed of 15 minutes each. The whitening procedure depends on one's teeth sensitivity and the condition of the teeth enamel (meaning how quickly does the teeth react to the chemical and how badly stained the teeth are). They told me that there are patients that are good with the second cycle,  there are some who finished until the third cycle without feeling anything and there are those who can even go to fourth cycle because their teeth are badly stained.
 How does this teeth whitening procedure works?
 First, the gums and other sensitive areas were covered securedly because the chemical or whitening agent is very strong because it can burn these areas. Of course, I took a selfie  for everyone's satisfaction. O ayan, mukha akong alien na maganda ang kilay! Pantay yan in fairness. Salamat Ever Bilena and Milani Brow Tint. hehe 
 Then after applying the whitening gel, this laser was strategically placed in front of my teeth. I was given a red humongous shades to protect my eyes from the laser light. 15 minutes felt like forever. My heart was thumping like crazy during the first cycle. I went on and finished the second cycle without feeling anything. Before, we could start the third cycle I felt sensitivity. Aruy! I told the dentist not to proceed with the third cycle. I had episodes of pangingilo until evening and just now while typing this post, I experienced one. 
 Did my teeth became white? YES!!! It got two shades lighter. However, I noticed that it is not as white like those of celebrities. I imagined it to be pearly white. Like what the dentist told me, my teeth lightened a bit more today than how it looked like after the procedure. It does not look pearly white but it looked cleaner and way lighter. I am already thinking of wearing loud and vibrant colors this summer and I am so ready to flaunt these hues with my whiter teeth on photos. 

Here is the before and after shot. To set the record straight, I do not have a nice set of teeth and I have an overbite too. (I am thinking of getting braces but let's see.)
 Photos were taken at different hours of the day, hence the difference in lighting. Rest assured no photoshop was used in these photos.

Overall, I highly recommend Shinagawa Clinic. I will surely be a returning "client" next time because I was very much pleased on how well they took care of me during the procedure. They were very gentle all throughout the procedure.They were also kind enough to entertain and answer my questions.

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  1. Nice result! I also want teeth whitening before but the doctor said that my kinda yellow teeth matches my complexion. Siguro slight pa lang before. I am also ok na di siya ganun ka-white basta healthy yung gums and di bulok yung ngipin. Also, no bad breath! Haha! :)

  2. Great job! Ganda ng result, ok na hindi masyadong white as in yung white na white kasi mukha ng fake. Anyhoo, I want to try din laser whitening but I'm afraid na hindi pede sa composite veneers :(

  3. WHA... it's too expensive.. If you have time or you might be able to have some free time or may gala mode.. I strongly recommend for you to fix those teeth. Even if you don't do braces, my uncle can definitely do something about it. If by chance, you have a trip in Calamba, Laguna I can personally tell him to fix it for you. He's a dentist by the way. His name is Dr. VJ Ercia. We are a family of dentists except for the grand children. I'm a cook, a writer, and a business woman. I'm Vin Domingo :D

  4. Did they, by any chance, give you a quote on their lasik procedure (or a price list of their services)?

  5. Great results :) I didn't know that laser for whitening teeth existed.

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  6. Maybe the difference is not that great because you did not proceed with the third cycle. The procedure is very expensive! :( It's a good thing you were able to try it. I wanna whiten my teeth too, but I'll do that after my braces are taken off.

  7. Great result. Kinda expensive lang pero worth it. Less kana ng any caffeine prods or sodas... 😊

  8. Pansin agad ang result,My husband need this same kayo maybe dahil din sa kape kaya ganon kaso mahal..awts! hihi

  9. Beautiful result! Gusto ko din subukan yan pero mahal ata. Ipon muna. Pwedeng magtanong about your acid reflux, meron din kasi ako. Gumaling na b yung sayo at gaano katagal ka nagkaroon?

  10. Excellent..!! very helpful post. Bookmarked it, another website same as you is

  11. This works great. Thanks so much for the tips & quality information you have given!!! teeth-whitening-training , laser-hair-removal-training , Fat freeze training

  12. great article. Thank you for every other wonderful post. :)

  13. Great result ma'am! thank you for sharing.

  14. how do you maintain your teeth ma'am? my mga bawal bang inumin or kainin, baka kasi bumalik din sa dati

    1. Bawal mag coffee and softdrinks pero hindi ko maiwasan so I am always using whitening toothpaste :)


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