Burt's Bees Radiance Line Featuring My Review on Burt's Bees Radiance Serum with Royal Jelly

Having sensitive skin has caused me to veer away from new skin care products. Whenever I discover a new facial wash or a skincare product that works for me, I am 100% sure I will be using that for the rest of the year. However, as years passed and my blog started receiving receiving a lot of press kits from different skin care brands, I began traversing a riskier path of trying out more skin care products. Yes, trying out new products for me is quite risky because I have very sensitive skin and my psoriasis can easily be triggered. Last year, I was on a skin care spree and it was my first time to try tons of new products ever in my life. This year, I was planning to tone down on my skin care trials until I was invited by Burt's Bees to their event. They featured their newest Radiance line. Before going to the event, I immediately researched the Radiance line and I found out that their serum was the best. I received the following products:

Radiance Facial Cleanser - 99.2% natural - 850 Pesos for 175 ml
                                      - Lightweight lotion cleanser
                                      - Formulate with plant-based cleansing complex to remove dirt and oil
                                      - exfoliates to help encourage skin turn over with Jojoba beads

Radiance Toner - 99% Natural - 950 pesos for 175 ml
                                               - removes the traces of dirt and oil
                                               - Reveals smooth and radiant complexion

Radiance Day Cream - 99% Natural - Php 1450 55 grams
                                                      - Moisturizes and helps enhances skin's natural radiance
                                                      - Formulated with Shea Butter to help moisturize for skin that                                                            feels smoother

I have been using the Facial Wash and the Serum for the past months and I am loving both but first, let me give a review on the Radiance Serum. The Radiance Serum is 99.9% Natural (san ka pa!?!?) and costs Php 1450 for 13ml. I am not a fan of serums. I am not a fan of serums. I never used one religiously before this serum came along. I am that of girl that follow this skin care routine cleanse-tone-moisturize plus sunblock for day time. I nevel felt the need to use serums or other creams even eye creams. 
It came in a very nice glass bottle with glass suction tube. It looks so sleek on my vanity cabinet but is very fragile. Also, whenever I close the bottle, I get ngilo (ang conyo ko haha). I used two-three drops for my entire face. This serum is formulated with licorice root extract and glycerin for moisturization. 
This is a very light serum and is easily absorbed by my skin once applied. I love using this at night because it makes my skin supple and hydrated the morning. It is not like a moisturizer or lotion but more of an essence when applied to the skin. It is not oily nor greasy. This magically improves my skin over a period of use. I noticed that my skin experience less rash breakouts whenever I use this. Yesterday, I have map like rashes on my forehead and cheeks and I just applied at night and the next day, I noticed that the flakiness and the redness subsided. 
I consider this a wonder product from nature as it claims to be 99.9% natural. :)

Great news to everyone, Burt's Bees now has a website where you can order online and get the products delivered at your doorsteps. I highly suggest the Garden Tomato Toner, Radiance Serum, and the original Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip balm.

You can check out their website here: https://www.burtsbees.com.ph/


What are your favorite Burt's Bees products?

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  1. I signed up on having a sample of this kya lng until now wla p anyway thanks for the review atleast i had an idea about this product lalo aq naexcite to have this

  2. I only tried thier lip balm,I wanna try the toner,how was it malamig ba sa face after using?like ko kasi pag may cooling effect ang product =)

  3. i love the toner,,,i try it before,ganda nya..


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