LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint Review + Swatches

 I have been lemming for this LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint since 2014. Yes ganon katagal but I always found an excuse not to buy them because I would often tell myself that I already have too many lipsticks. Tama naman diba? So, for months, in denial akong dko siya need. :) Then, I finally decided to order them online but the website where I was ordering before was not anymore available (nywwholesaleph) because they were revamping the site. I waited for this online shop to go up once again because they sell these lip paints at a very low price. This lip paint only cost 135 pesos per tube. Much lower than the price in SM which is 299 pesos. Sino ba naman hindi magtitiyagang mag antay ng 3weeks to a month na pre order kung ganyan kamura diba? When their new site came up, I immediately ordered. I got these lip paints at This post is not sponsored at all. I chanced upon this site (nyxwholesale) years ago and I am just love that they carry drugstore finds at a cheaper price.Trust me, they have the most affordable prices online. 

The hardest decision was choosing the shades. When LA Girl first released this lip paint, it was limited to 5 shades (I think). Honestly, I am not a fan of the shades initially released except for bombshell. Then they released  other shades that made my heart skip a beat. The new shades varied from light hues to hot neon colors to deep tones. The inner lipstick junkee within broke loose kaya heto naka 7 agad ako. As you can see, I did not buy any red shade because red does not really suit me that well. Sa kapal ng labi ko parang sinilihan lang daw ang peg ng lips sabi ng nanay ko. :P I opted shades that I would wear often and also chose colors that are unique like Gleam and Seduce. 
The packaging is very nice and is quite similar to the Too Faced Melted Liquefied Long Wear Lipsticks. It comes with a slanted tip tube with a big opening. I do not suggest applying the product directly with the use of the slanted tube. Controlling the amount of product it dispenses is very tricky.  This product is a hybrid of a lipstick and a gloss. In other words, this is a glossy liquid lipsticks. The opacity and pigmentation is truly amazing. One layer already gives off a very rich hue but since I have dark lip lines, 2-3 layers look better on my lips. These lip paints has a goopy texture of a lipgloss but nothing sort of heavy or overly sticky. They glide seamlessly on the lips when applied. The color is buildable. It can be applied as a sheer wash of color or layered to perfection to achieve optimum opacity. The texture and consistency is thick. Thus, I suggest to start with small amount of product while slowly building up the color. The lighter shades like Elude and Peony look streaky and uneven on my lips as compared to darker tones which applies evenly and easily. Almost all shades have a very nice peppermint scent except Gleam which smells like crayons. Since the consistency is a goopy, these lip paints have a tendency to bleed unless properly applied. Also, this also has the tendency to stain my two front teeth. This did not dry out my lips and did not settle on the fine lines. 

Application Technique: I have tried applying this with a lip brush but I find it so time consuming. Also, if you are in a hurry, it has a tendency to make the product look streaky and uneven. So, do not use a lip brush kung wala kang maraming oras magmaganda. I love applying it with the use of my finger. With my finger, I can really press the product onto my lips and with such technique, I can mix colors and ensure that the color is evenly applied on the lips.
Under fluorescent light
Under Natural Light

Here are the lip swatches of the shades that I got:
Tango: This is a very nice summer color. This is a very fun coral shade and is truly one of my favorite in this batch.

Seduce: This is a very bold color that is a cross between purple and magenta. When layered, the shade looks very festive but with one layer, it can pass off as a fuschia shade with hints of purple. 

Gleam: One of the shades that I fell in love with because it looks very unique. It is a very nice golden copper shade that looks perfect when layered with other colors. It is extremely versatile because it can act as a base lip color, a lipstick or a lipgloss. I just do not like the fact that it smells like crayons.

Bombshell:  This is a neon fuschia pink that can brighten up one's look.
Elude: One of the shades that is very tricky to apply on my dark lips. The shade is a pale nude peach. It is a great mixing shade that helps in toning down the brightness of other lipstick shades in my stash.

Peony: Just like Elude, I have a difficulty applying this evenly on my lips. This is a very dainty peach pink shade.

Blushing: This looks mauve on other bloggers' swatches but one me, I find that it looks more of a mauvey plum on me. It actually look a bit similar to Seduce on some degree but this is very wearable.

As I mentioned, the lip paints can be mixed together so you can create a customized/personalized shade. This has got to be one of my favorite lip shades I have ever seen. Siyempre ako naghalo halo eh. Kidding aside, the color I created looks so good on my yellow skin tone and pouty lips. I thought of wearing this shade on my wedding kaso hassle ang pag mix when I will retouch. 
What do you think of this shade?
For base, I use gleam then I layered it with tango and elude.

Overall, I really love these lip paints. For 135 pesos, I want more shades!! So parang pokemon lang, collect them all ang peg ko.


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  1. Beautiful! Elude looks appealing to me :)


  2. That personalized shade looks good on you! I'm sure you'll find a similar lipstick shade; I agree that it would be such a hassle to bring three liquid lipsticks on your wedding. Haha! Or you could mix them up beforehand, put them in a small container.

  3. waahhh!! I've been dying to get my hands on these!! Love your review! I just recently feature L.A. Girl PRO Concealer HD on my youtube and I am just so thrilled!!! I am just so excited on these babies!~ <3

  4. OMG! Jan din ako madalas magshop sa makeupinbox! Super mura lang sa kanila, downside is ang tagal mag-iintay haha! Nag-papaorder din sila ng mga items galing amazon and sephora!!

  5. i like the combination. Gleam is a nice shade

  6. Just want to check authentic ba makeups from makeupinbox?

  7. Just want to check if authentic ba makeups from makeupinbox?

  8. Just want to check authentic ba makeups from makeupinbox?

    1. Authentic means original.. yes. They sell authentic makeup. NOT counterfeit or fake.

  9. I just like the way you show the color on your lips and show the tube and clearly show the color.


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