What's New: Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick (Review and Swatches)

Hello blogosphere! I am back and to jumpstart everything (meaning my backlogs in blogging), let me post about the newest lipstick in town. I was thrilled to get the first dibs on Revlon's latest lipstick collection - the ULTRA HD. I have been a fan of Revlon lipsticks since their lip butters came out. From then on, I was on the look out for their lip products. One of my favorites is their Colorburst balm stain. When I first heard about this line, I immediately got curious as to how a lipstick can be categorized as HD. One thing I was sure was that, this line will definitely be pigmented and would most likely register beautifully on camera.

I received these lippies a few weeks ago. It came with a makeup bag with a kiss marks design. What surprised me the most was this line boasts of a wax free technology making it lightweight compared to other lipsticks.

What Revlon says about these lipsticks:

Break free from dull muted shades and broadcast your lips in high definition with the New Revlon HD Lipstick. 

           Wax Free high definition gel technology delivers the true clarity without the heavy feel
            Irresistible scent of whipped vanilla and cream mango
           20 trend setting shades

After swatching the lipsticks and nung nalaman kong 20 shades siya, gusto kong magemail sa Revlon Philippines ng ganito:
" Thank you for sending over the newest Ultra HD Lipsticks. I already received them pero bakit parang kulang ng 16 lipsticks? 4 lang ito, Kindly send them all." hehehe Kung makapal lang talaga ang fez ko ginawa ko na yan pero as you all know shy type ang lola niyo. (joke lang Revlon baka hindi mo na ako padalhan niyan ah!) 
These lipsticks are housed in a silver barrel casing with a clear plastic cap. I am not a fan of these type of packaging because everytime I swivel down the cap, it hits a portion of the lipstick and chips it off. Aruy!! Why does the lipstick have to be protruding? Anyways, since I have been using this a lot lately, I am almost done the protruding portion of Primrose and Geranium so I will not anymore worry about cap chipping off the product.
I was quite amazed when I was swatching these lipsticks. Due to its gel formula, they felt a bit wobbly and slightly bounced back when I swiped it on my arm.It was something I have never tried. The formula is very new to me and I have to say that I am loving it. However, not all shades have the same pigmentation, texture and consistency. I noticed that Geranium and Sweet Pea look a bit blotchy when applied. They have a tendency to settle on the fine lines. Thus, I need to smoothen it out with the use of my finger to cancel any build up and uneven texture. Gladiolus and Primrose,on the other hand, glides on smoothly and gives off a very beautiful finish on my lips. These lipsticks have a soft sheen to them which delivers a natural shine to my lips. They do not feel heavy at all and they can truly pass off as an everyday lipstick. As for staying power, they last pretty well on me sans eating. It can stay for 4-5 hrs. These lipsticks have awesome pigmentation (except for Sweet Pea). They glide on smoothly and they do not bleed. The scent is okay but I prefer unscented lip products. The price is very reasonable at 575 pesos per tube.

Here are the swatches:
As mentioned, the lipsticks differ in texture and consistency once applied. My favorite is definitely Primrose and Geranium. 
Gladioulus, Sweet Pea, Gernium and Primrose

Shade and color description (as shown in the above lip swatches) are as follows:

Gladiolus - a bright true red with very subtle orange undertones
Geranium - is an orangey coral shade that is perfect for summer
Sweet Pea - is a light lilac pink shade with an overload of blue undertones. This emphasized my dark lip lines.
Primrose - is a very beautiful and exquisite shade that comes across rosy hues and a pink plummy brown. This shade is very office appropriate and I love wearing it on meetings and court hearings.

This lipstick received mix reviews but as mentioned, I love how pigmented it looks and how light it really feels on the lips. Overall, I recommend this lipstick to those who are looking for lightweight lip products. I highly recommend the shade "Primrose".


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  1. I will probably get Gladiolus and Iris! Gah! More lipsticks! :)

  2. Primrose looks beautiful on you ate Donnarence! Also, the names of the lipsticks are adorable.

  3. Oh my goodness these lip sticks are a dream I want all of them.the colors look amazing.
    Thanks for the great review you are always so helpful :)


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