#BreathtakingBeauty with Air Optix Colors Contact Lens

 I got an invite from Air Optix for their launch a while back but I was not able to go. My weird schedule just did not permit me despite the fact that the event happened in the same area where my meeting was held. I was really disappointed with it because I really wanted to try Air Optix because of my wedding. Yes, wedding ko na naman ang dahilan ng lahat ng ito. I really plan on wearing contact lens on my wedding day to enhance my eye feature and to make my eye makeup look more bongga! hehe Surprisingly, Air Optix Colors sent me their lens to try out. Air Optix comes from the same maker of Freshlook -- Alcon. Air Optix is the newest brand of contact lens in the Philippine Market designed to enhance the eye look with beautiful, comfortable colors whether or not one is in need of vision correction.

Air Optix Colors come in two variants - Subtle and Vibrant. Subtle shades which include gray, brown, green and blue. Vibrant colors include: Brilliant Blue, Sterling Gray, Gemstone Green and Honey. Air Optix Colors boasts of three in one color technology where there are distinct color features on the lens - outer ring, primary color and inner ring. Air Optix promises Comfort, Breathability and  Beauty. 

For someone who rarely use contact lens, I must admit that I was really afraid to try out contact lens. I really have a hard time removing them after every use. I also remember that when I used those geo lens that were a hit before, those lens felt so uncomfortable and they made my eyes red and irritated. I road tested this for one day. Imagine I wore this lens for more than ten hours! I was afraid that it will make my eyes dry or irritated but it did not. I wore it the whole and it felt so comfortable. It did not blur my vision and I did not felt any sands or grains inside my eye compared to the time I used Geo Lens.  The color Green looked so natural. I never thought I could wear green contacts to work. hehe 
 Air Optix definitely enhance my eyes. They are very easy to apply. My only problem is that I really need to practice how to remove the lens after a day's use. Waaahh... Lahat na ata ng youtbe videos napanood ko on how to remove contact lens. hehe

 Air Optix is available at leading optical shops nationwide. This lens is good for a period of 30 days. Thus, you must ensure that you use them within such period to prevent any irritation. A non-graded pair costs Php 1450 while a graded one costs Php 1550.
This will surely be my contact lens on my wedding. Brown looks really good on pictures.

To know more about Air Optix, Visit their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/airoptixph


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  1. Well, this is something worth checking out. Love the look of the eyes while wearing it. It does enhance the look of the eyes.

  2. Ikaw naman yung breathtaking beauty, hindi yung contact lens ;)

  3. The color looks so natural and blends very well with your natural eye color!


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