Cheap Thrills: LOL Face Primer

Hello everyone!!! I finally had time to blog about this very affordable (cheap) face primer that I chanced upon in Watsons last 2 months ago. I have been seeing this LOL brand in Watsons but I never had the urge to buy any of their products. Most of their products have that teeny bopper vibe especially the packaging!!!! Eh ako naman feeling titas of manila ang peg kaya I never dared buy any of their products until I saw this primer. This looks like an ordinary primer in a tube but when I got curious because of the 159 pesos price tag (siyempre kuripot queen alert). I immediately scanned through the ingredients and saw GLYCERINE as one of its main ingredients. I remembered Nikkietutorials using the Nivea Aftershave Balm as her primer because it contains glycerine and she love it!! Also, back in my early blogging days when I have no money and courage to buy a Mac Fix Plus, I would mix Glycerine and water to create the perfect mist primer. I immediately bought one tube and I was very hopeful on this product.

I tested it during a very hot and humid weather. By mid day, my face looks like a disaster. My face looked too cakey and messed up. I tried it again the next day and got a horrible result. I tossed this primer in my makeup cabinet. Last week, I gave this primer another chance and to my amazement this looked super nice on my dry skin. Okay, I have this theory why this primer did not worked on me before. First, I used a very heavy moisturizer and this primer is not silicone based, hence, physiogel ai cream + LOL primer = super duper moisturized skin. This explains the meltdown commotion back then. When I used this primer last week, I used AVENE Hydrance moisturizer which is a very light moisturizer and tada---- this primer worked well with AVENE.

Okay, let's head on to the review. This product is housed in a plastic tube that looks like a travel sized lotion. This product has no scent. This product is unlike a silicone based primer. This is a lotion type primer which applies like a light moisturizer then dries into a semi matte/tacky finish. I really think that this is perfect for those with normal to dry skin types. It goes on smoothly when applied and I think that it can be used alone as a moisturizer/primer for those with oilier skin types sans the daily moisturizer. This takes a few seconds to dry but I can really feel that it preps my dry skin for makeup base very well. It gives me a slight smoothing effect but the best part is -- it makes my skin feel so hydrated. I feel that everytime I use this my skin feels so healthy (or I can also attribute this to Avene). Does it make my makeup last longer? Yes but not as much as my silicone based primers. I do think that this is a very good product to prep the skin. Lastly, this did not irritate my skin nor did it cause my skin to break out. Does it blur out my pores or imperfections? HMM.. just a bit. It can not even out my psoriasis flare outs but it smoothens my cheeks and undereyes. 
I prefer using this primer on colder months. Will I buy again? Hmm... probably!!! :) For 159 pesos, I think that this is a good bargain. Just a word of caution -- I have dry skin so this product may probably worked for me but I have no idea if this will work with oilier skin. 
Have you bought something from LOL? What are your thoughts on this brand?

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  1. Hmmmm. It's cheap so why not. :) But I might try this sans the moisturizer.

  2. I'm tempted to try LOL products since they are cheap, but sadly my skin gets irritated to Made in China products like Shawill and Careline, sensitive ata ang skin ko. If not, I could have saved more. Nice to know it worked on you :)

  3. love to try this,i think this will solve my makeup problems,my pores are to visible when i wear makeup, and reading this post gives me an idea to try putting primer!

  4. I like the result, I'm gonna look and try this since it is also affordable. ^ ^

  5. Way back2013 yata ng nakatry ako ng LOL products gaya ng liquid foundation na too bad di nagwork sa oily skin ko, rose blush infairness maganda yun and brow powder yata yun. Haha. Mahilig ako sa mga affordable drugstore products that time na nagsisimula pa lang ako maglagay ng makeup. Until now mahilig pa rin ako sa mura:D matry ko nga tong LOL primer.



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