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When PRO MUA was added to my list of titles (ang taray parang ang dami kong titulo sa buhay!!), I became more OC on makeup cleanliness. My MUA Teacher would ceaselessly reminds us to keep our workstation clean and as well as our makeup and tools. Even before Nippon Esthetics send me their awesome products, I have been buying their mascara wands, gloss wands and sponges at Suesh. 

What is Nippon Esthetics Solutions?

Nippon Esthetic Solutions started in 2006 as a beauty solutions provider to Manila’s top health and beauty brands specific to cosmetic and personal care.Our philosophy then still holds true to this day. Nippon redefines beauty hygiene. It showcases a full line of makeup and beauty tools highlighting Japanese simplicity for precise and flawless makeup application. Trusted by professionals and loved by beauty enthusiasts, Nippon’s take on hygiene makes playing with cosmetics a delightful experience. Nippon’s pursuit to offer well-curated, innovative and stylish hygiene tools and products has made it beauty insiders’ best kept secret. Its commitment to promote accessibility and affordability has made it a preferred lifestyle choice amongst artists and enthusiasts.

To date, Nippon offers Sponges, Bath and Body Products, Frangrance, Tools and Disposable Applicators. If you think you need to be a PRO, to get one of their products, THINK AGAIN.

This is a lash applicator from Nippon and it costs 300 pesos. And this tool is the bomb!!! It makes lash application such a breeze. It applies falsies in a very precise manner and very close to the lash line. I use this tool when I applied my Bohktok Lashes in my previous post. This will surely land a spot on my wedding makeup kit!
Nippon is currently offering a skin care duo which consists of Nippon Makeup REmover (300ml) and their Facial Patting Cotton. Their facial patting cotton comes in a huge of 100s. It is thicker and sturdier compared to normal cotton pads in the market. 
They also have this amazing Facial Cotton Cloth!! A 10 pc pack only costs 50 pesos which reminds me that I must hoard ASAP!! This feels like real cloth making it and it can wipe off the dirt and gunk on my face very well. How do I use this? 
Here is a step by step guide on how I use this Facial Cloth and the Nippon Makeup Remover:
First, I pump 2-3 pumps of Makeup remover on my palm. The Nippon Makeup Remover feels very gentle on the skin. It reminds me of Cetaphil but I like this one better. :) This remover is not greasy at all. It feels like a very light watery lotion when applied. It does not sting my rashes however,  there are times that it stings my eyes and make it a bit watery. I gently massage this makeup remover on my face concentrating on my eye are where I use a lot of product from brow pencils to mascara and tons of concealer.
Then with the use of the Facial Cloth, I wipe off the makeup. I repeat this process 2x-3x to enure that my face is squeeky clean. Then, I cleanse with my facial wash. Double cleansing is a must for me. 
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  1. Well, well, well, this is something worth checking out. Its interesting and impressive indeed. I will do check on this for I also prefer double cleansing thing.

  2. Ang galing naman wipe wipe away lang ng make up,Mabilis and clean talaga =)

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  5. galing, complete pangtanggal ng makeup..

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