Tony Moly Pure Eco Aloe Gel

I told in my previous that there are two skin products that helped hydrate my skin during the humid and hot days. This is the other product I am talking about. I am almost done with this huge tub containing 300ml of pure aloe goodness. I have seen this in Korea being sold in 3s and 5s. I was about to buy one for myself but I realized that it would make my baggage heavier so I let this pass. Luckily, Tony Moly sent me a full size sample for me to try. I have been hearing positive reviews about this product. I really like the fresh and subtle scent of this gel. What I love most about is the consistency and texture of the gel. It feels refreshing when applied on the skin. It lathers like a dream. Once applied, there may be a slight stickiness but the wonder begins after it dries up. This dries up like how water evaporates on the skin. 
I was really apprehensive that this might not work on my super dry skin but I was very surprised that it did. More than that, it feels so good on the skin. It feels so gentle and did not irritate my psoriasis flare ups. I highly recommend this Aloe Gel to my readers who are not fond of lotion due to the heavy and greasy feel. This product is also perfect to those with dry and sensitive skin.
I have been using this almost everyday and I am almost done with this huge tub. One tub costs around 379 pesos and I must say that every drop is worth it. This is perfect for our humid weather. Also, Tony Moly sent me their Snail Moisturizer which I will be reviewing soon. I love anything with snail essence or cream. :) yay!!

What is your favorite daily moisturizer or lotion? Have you tried this awesome product from Tony Moly?


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  1. The container is totally adorable. I love it!! :)

  2. Wow another great product from Tony Moly. I love the review. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. I haven't try a Tony Moly moisturizer..nice review of this and the price was affordable thats nice! will try to use this moisturizer..

  4. Just looking at the container relaxes me already. :) I love that it really looks like aloe. Ahhh ... green ... the soothing color of nature! Thanks for sharing this post. I think I'll be opting for Tony Moly Pure Eco Aloe Gel instead of regular lotion because it is natural and as you said, it suits our hot and humid climate.

  5. Tamang tama, naghahanap pa naman ako ng aloe vera na gel, ^^ timing. salamat dito..

  6. I like to try this product.

  7. this one look totally nice,i like try this one and replace im using :)

  8. I will definitely try this one soon. I have been looking for a new moisturizer to try and this one suits my needs!

  9. no :( I haven't try any of the Tony Moly Products! but this is very helpful maybe someday I will try it too :)


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