Oracare Mouthrinse

For the longest time, I was made to believe that the best mouthwash are those that sting -- A LOT. For years, I was an avid fan of this kind of mouthwash; but did you know that type of mouthwas are alcohol based. As such, Alcohol can leave the mouth dry and it can make the mouth a breeding area for odor causing bacteria. When I discovered Oracare years ago, I was very hesitant on repurchasing it because there was no stinging sensation whatsoever. Later, I learned that it contains chlorine dioxide that neutralizes sulfur compounds inside our mouth (which causes strong odors). Thus, I realized that it is not the sensation that is important when buying a mounthwash, rather it is the ingredients in a mouthwash.

Oracare actually turned my gargling experience to a more pleasant one. This feels like gargling water with flavor but afterwards, I can instantly feel the refereshing difference.Due to this, I always bring my Oracare with me especially to the office or elsewhere because it can easily be used without the need of rinsing. Aside from brushing my teeth using Oracare has been a great addition to my hygiene. Why? because Oracare can reach the areas which my toothbrush can't clean. 

Overall, I really like Oracare and it is definitely a nice addition to my oral hygiene. Also, it to be travel friendly because I can use it after meals or whenever I need to freshen without the further need of water rinsing. Oracare is available at leading supermarket nationwide.

Have you tried this mouthwash?

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  1. I am using this too, Miss Donna! Like you, I grew up to mouthwash brands that stings a lot. The type that you have to dilute in water kase di mo talaga kakayanin yung anghang pag pure na ininom! But then thanks to SR, I got to try this and eventually, this has been a part of my oral care hygiene.


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