I get this question from readers and even friends often; it goes this way - "How do you do it?" I would usually give them a bewildered look followed by an innocent interrogatory response, "Anong how do you do it?" After a few minutes, it would hit me. Ahhhhh. Like how I do juggle being a lawyer, beauty blogger, pro makeup artist on the side and being a hands on bride-to-be? Let me give you all a quick giggle while rolling my eyes and shaking my head profusely. I honestly don't know how am I able to do squeeze in work, blogging, and doing wedding DIYs in my calendar. Well, despite my nerve-wracking work week, I do not neglect myself. I believe that the way I take care of myself and my body affects the way I carry myself.  I mean I will not get a client if I am looking and feeling sloppy right? The key word in having that extra boost of confidence is - CLEAN. As they say, CLEAN IS THE NEW SEXY and this starts from the inside out. 
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Let me share with you tips on what do I do twice a week to keep me feeling clean and sexy. 

I love food just as I love beauty products and makeup. Before, I was not really mindful with my food intake. I will drink a minimum of two-three cups of coffee a day, eat junk food every merienda and would indulge myself in fast food meals very often (hmm or almost everyday). This took a toll on my health and I got very sickly.  I also gained a few pounds and I would always rant over the fact that most of my clothes do not fit me anymore. Thus, I started to cut back on fatty and processed foods. Since I do not support starving oneself just to lose weight,  I just made sure that I will have 2-3 days of pure healthy eating. It is like a quick fix detox plan where I try to skip rice and meat and focus on healthy stuff that are rich such as vegetables and fruits. 

According to one of my favorite authors, John Maxwell, "Your life today is a result of your thinking yesterday and your life tomorrow will be determined on how you think today." How we think affects our effectiveness as an individual. It also affects how we interact with other people and how we perceive life. All of us needs a reflection or quiet time. I do such at least twice a week or as needed because I feel the need to evaluate my performance in work/daily life or how I have dealt with other people. These moments give me the chance to learn more about myself. I also find time not only to read God's words everyday but read inspirational books that will help me become a better version of me. 
A beauty enthusiast like me will not let a week pass by without taking care of her physical body. I see to it that I exfoliate my face and body twice a week. Exfoliation removes rough and dry areas on the skin. This makes my skin smoother and softer. I also have my weekend beauty-at-home spa where I put face masks and have long hot baths to wash away all anxiety and stresses that I accumulated that week. hihi
 One very important step that I incorporated in my weekly routine is using this doctor trusted antiseptic Betadine Feminine Wash. Having an active lifestyle, I feel that everyday usage of ordinary feminine wash is not enough to keep me protected down there. Hence, I decided to use Betadine Feminine Wash twice a week and most especially daily during red days. This extra step has lessened feminine discomfort like itching and irritation caused by germs and bacteria.  Staying clean in the intimate area has never been this good. Using Betadine Feminine Wash has also protected me from feminine odor.  Betadine Feminine Wash  is a pioneer on the Sexy Clean Revolution. It is also known as the most prescribed product by Doctors especially to women who has just given birth. It is a Povidone Iodine 7.5% Antiseptic wash that protects the intimate areas from germs. 
Use 2-3 drops of Betadine Feminine Wash twice a week or everyday during red days because feminine hygiene is the foundation of confidence and sexiness for women. As they say, Clean is the new Sexy!

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  1. Looking sexy, girl! <3


  2. Wow ate! ang sexy mo!!!

  3. I have also used that feminine wash and it really helps in itchiness and it really feels clean.

  4. Thanks for sharing tips. Eating healthy most of time is quite hard lalo na pag lechon na pinaguusapan. Hihi. Think clean is a very important on our daily lives. Feel clean is a must to do:) Sa totoo lang I've tried betadine only when I gave birth. Recommended kasi yan ang gamitin. Now I need to use this again along with my feminine wash para totally clean feeling :) btw, you look sexy sis!
    Later uli. Sumimple lang ako makapagbasa ng post mo. Back to work:D
    PS: sa wakas I figure it out para complete name ang mailagay ko sa comments ko. Sorry daldal ko:D

  5. Congrats for winning the Nuffnang contest. I'm looking for a feminine wash brand and saw this on Nuffnang. Will try the product.


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