Bathe with Perfume, Bathe with Lux

For years, I struggle with allergic rhinitis (up until now) and I do not always shower myself with perfume because it triggers my allergy. Due to this, I am always in the search for the best soap with a long lasting scent or a body wash that can double as a perfume. Most soaps in the Philippine market,only offer moisturization, anti bacterial and of course whitening effect. My search for a soap and body wash that has long lasting scent has finally come to an end. I am excited to share with your Lux Perfumed Bath Collection. When I opened the package, Fiance immediately asked "ano yan? ang bango!!!" Sosyal diba? Hindi ko pa yan ginagamit eh bonggang pasabog na ang scent sa bango. hehe

According to Lux:

"Master perfumer Nicole Mancini helped design this irresistible fragrance with the unabashedly feminine woman in mind. Featuring an intense and alluring blend of dark woods, golden amber and vanilla bean that come to life in every bath, Magical Spell unlocks a woman’s bold side, leaving her feeling more beautiful and confident than ever.The NEW LUX Perfumed Bath Collection is available in four captivating scents. Choose your favorite from Magical Spell, White Impress, Soft Touch and Love Forever."

The variant I got was their signature scent -Magic Spell. Magic Spell is a mixture of Exotic black orchids and dark florals.  I just want to share with all of you that I am very wary when it comes to using bath soaps because I have had many instances when soaps would make me itch, thus, triggering my psoriasis. I am happy to report that the LUX soap did not irritate my skin. Aside from making my skin soft and hydrated, this made me feel so refreshed and relaxed due to the scent. 
The body wash lathers on my skin very well and suds beautifully. I love to pair with the soap for a long lasting fragrant effect.
Lux is now available at leading supermarket and department stores.

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  1. By merely looking at it, I can imagine how it smells :) I'm excited to try this Lux as you have said that it's not drying on the skin plus I heard that this is affordable too. Winner! Ang cute pa ng design ng soap. Anyway, thanks for sharing this link for the free sample:)

  2. The packaging is a little funky-oldschool, but it looks like it'd smell a lot like Victoria's Secret scents!

  3. You know it's mabango when your fiance said so! rarely do guys give comment about soap scents so I can't wait to try this one for a relaxing bath too :)

  4. Its like Victoria's Secret's Love Spell , the color and ....just the word "Spell" hehe

  5. I'm loving your new lay-out Ms. Donna! Nakakadagdag talaga ang visual quality pag sa blogs, it makes viewing more enjoyable & pleasing to the eye. :)

    I love everything mabango, but not the amoy matanda - no offense po sa mga nakakatanda - or overly sickly sweet smell. I want to try this one. :)

  6. I love the packaging and the soap parang I'd rather keep it than using it. Ang ganda kasi! Will check this out on my next mall visit.

  7. The packaging looks so chic. The soap's carvings is so gorgeous, parang manghihinayang ako na gamitin! lol. Will surely try these two new products from Lux. ♥

  8. It's nice to know that there is a soap and body wash with effect like a perfume like Lux. I am excited to try it. Like you, I am in dire search of a soap and body wash with long lasting scent. I have tried so many brands and spent a little higher than my usual budget for body wash but disappointed at the end, some tend to smells good while lathering it but the after bathe effect did not last long. Hope LUX is the new brand for my soap and body wash that I'd stick too.

  9. I just bought a bar of soap and the small bottle of the body wash too! I have to agree that this smells great and the scent lingers for quite some time after taking a bath.


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