Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks HD Blushes (Review and Swatches)

"Our delicate powder formula comes in a mirrored compact as a blush, bronzer or a highlighter. It's infused with Aloe Vera and Vitamin A,A, and E to nourish the skin and give you that added glow. "

I have been meaning to blog since last week but my laptop acquired virus so i had to have it reformated. Since then, I had a hard time transferring photos from my cameras to my laptop. Last night, I attempted to blog again and lo and behold, my laptop started updating and it was already midnight. Kaloka lang!! I am not a night person so I was so pissed with my laptop for not cooperating with me. Pero oks na yun. It is a new morning so nakamove on na ako. Anyways, just a quick kwento. I just had the courage to book the flight for the second leg of our 13 days honeymoon. Baka triplets ianak ko nito sa haba ng honeymoon namin. Haha

Okay. Enough of my kwento (namiss ko lang magblog at nakakape na naman ako while trudging the heavy traffic of c5. In short, pagbigyan niyo ako sa mga segue ko. Hehe) I know you have seen a lot of blog posts about the launching of the newest PROUDLY PINOY makeup brand from my fellow beauty bloggers. For a new makeup brand, I was in awe that their makeup line was very much complete and upto date. From eyeshadow palettes to HD blushes to matte lipsticks, they have everything covered and there will be exciting new releases soon. I will make a quick report about the launch on my future post.  I know their wide array of lipsticks are pretty tempting to blog and probably some of you would even think that being a lipstick junkee at pabibo sa lipswatches eh uunahin ko yun iblog.hehe Trust me, the HD blushes fromPink Sugar Cosmetics are worth drooling for and checking out. It is probably my favorite product in their line.

Their Sweet Cheeks HD Blush consists of 8 shades. Their products are made in Taiwan. What draw me to their blushes was their color selection. Their colors range from muted natural tones to hot neons to highlighters. Whether you are a morena or fair skinned, you will surely find a shade perfect for you. May bonus pa, they also have a bronzer/ contour powder. Yay!! They nailed it. I am not being biased here pero san ka naman nakakita ng new makeup line na gets agad ang gusto ng consumers. Considering that the owners are MALE. Yep lalaki. I am amazeballs. Haha

Another thing that I observed is the pigmentation of their blushes. The color pay off is beyond what I expected from a new brand. Look at the photo below, that is just one swipe from the pan and my finger picked up a good amount of product instantly. These blushes are housed in a sleek black compact with a good sized mirror and a pony hair brush which is not useful (in my opinion because it is too thin and flimsy). I always bring a separate brush to apply these blushes. The product is easily picked up by synthetic or animal hair brushes.
I will be reviewing this blushes based on their finishes and shade
South Beach
By the shade name, I immediately had the impression that this is a bronzer or contour powder. During the launch, Liz told me that this is a dupe for the Nars Laguna. While swatching the shades, I remembered what Liz told me and made a side by side comparison of the bronzers. It was a pretty close match.
On the pan, there is barely a difference. Nars Laguna Bronzer is slightly lighter. When swatched, Can you believe that Pink Sugar is more velvety and smoother in texture. I had to almost scraped off my Nars to get the color that I want. Anyways, my Nars is a bit old so that would probably explain why there is difficulty in picking up the color.

Nars Laguna is golden brown while Pink Sugar's South Beach is darker in tone. It is a medium brown with very very slight hints of taupe making it perfect for contouring. It has noticeable gold flecks that eventually becomes less noticeable within the day. This is a very pigmented bronzer. I applied it with a heavy hand and it looked so blotchy on my first use. It was really hard to correct. The next time I used it I made sure I started with a light hand while I slowly building up the color. South Beach has a pretty good staying power. It lasts on my skin for 5 hrs max and it fades into a subtle contour line on my cheeks.
There are two highlighters in this line. Sin City and Concrete Jungle.
This is Sin City.I bet that it is knock off for Nars Albatross because it is whitish golden shade. On the pan, this looks whitish yellow but when swatched it delivers a seamless lustre.
Concrete Jungle is a champagne peach with chunks of silver glitter. The silver glitter may not be noticeable when blended. This has got to be my least favorite in the line. I am not a fan of the silvery shimmers and this appears quite chalky and chunky when swatched. This product requires a lot of blending but in the photos, you can see that it looks so good. I have not yet fully road tested these two highlighters because my skin is very bad at the moment. As for their staying power, I will update you as soon as I get the chance to use them longer.
My favorite from their Sweet Cheeks HD Blushes are the matte shades. I am very happy that they have wearable hues and neon shades. The matte blushes are soft and velvety in texture particularly Miss Independent and Summer Nights. 
The first shade and my most favorite of all is Miss Independent. This is muted pinky brown color that looks so gorgeous on the pan and when worn. It reminds me of Clinique's blush in the shade Mocha Pink. The color is very suitable for my medium yellow skintone. It is also very blendable and looks seamless when applied. This lasts quite longer than most of the matte blushes in this line. I used this inside the mall and church and it stayed put almost the whole day. If I remember coorrectly, I barely retouched that day.
Paris Lights is an obvious dupe for Nars Orgasm. This has noticeable gold flecks and is seriously a gorgeous coral pink shade. On my skin, it looks more coral than pink. I know this is not a matte blush but i considered reviewing this particular shade side by side the matte ones because it is a colorful and shimmery blush and not a highlighter (imo). This takes a lot of blending to make the color look even. This blush is very chunky and a bit chalky like Concrete jungle.
Summer Nights is a warm peach. This is my second favorite. This is buttery and velvety in texture. It glides smoothly on the cheeks upon application. It lasts longer on me like Miss Independent.
Tokyo Rush is a hot neon pink that looks scary on the pan but looks blushing barbie pink on my skin. Unlike the two matte blushes I previously mentioned, this goes on a wee bit chalky and flat. This has an average staying power of 3 hrs.
Wanderlust looks close to Tokyo Rush but this shade is a light purplish pink. This has tiny hints of shimmer that makes the skin glowing.

Overall, I recommend Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks HD Blush. My personal fave like Miss Independent, Summer Nights and the bronzer South beach are highly recommended. If you are looking for a good highlighter Sin City is a good choice. If you are looking for a nice and affordable Nars Orgasm dupe, I recommend Paris Lights.
These blushes only costs 499 pesos a pan!! Sorry for the earlier typo on the price.That is the best news ever diba? Pink Sugar is available in selected Watsons and SM department stores.
Me wearing South Beach and Miss Independent. On my lips is Pink Sugar HD Lipstick in Naked. 

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  1. wow lovely shades!! I'll order everything soon haha!

  2. Yun oh! You're back:D
    I think everyone is so eager and exited to try the products of this new brand Pink Sugar. Nashock ako na lalaki pala owner nito:) galing naman!
    anyways, when it comes to blushes I prefer always the matte one. Infairness, ang gaganda ng mga shades ng sweet cheeks HD blush of PS:) gusto ko matry una ang Miss Independent next yung wanderlust, sa mga shade names pa lang winner na. I'm sure this is going to be one of the best Filipino brand that has a very good quality.

    PS: tawang tawa ako dun sa baka triplets maging anak mo because of the 13 days honeymoon;) baka magdilang-anghel ka. Ang saya nyan if that happens:) ang haba ng vacation/honeymoon nyo, bongga! Samantalang kami ni hubby ko one night lang. haha:) Congrats again!:)

    1. Part 1 yan honeymoon na yan partida may part 2 sis. Next year. Bwhahaha

    2. Ang haba na nga 13 days tapos may part 2 pa:D Naks talaga, bonggacious! Enjoy sis and kalma lang lagi ha:) Masaya ako para sayo, totoo yan.

  3. How many grams per pan? My eyes are on Miss Independent.

  4. Ang gaganda ng shades. No need to buy high-end blush ons kasi Pink Sugar has it na. Yehey! Will check this out on our next mall visit. Wag lang sana kumontra si hubby everytime napupunta ako sa make up section lols.

  5. At first look their blushes looks from a high end brand (so beautiful).


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