Review: Shiseido Perfecting Stick Concealer

 I was about to do a Press/Sponsored Posts Spree (ang dami ko backlogs) when I noticed my huge eye bags on some of my photos. Kaloka. I had to stop what I was doing and I ogled at my photos for a few minutes. Ang tanders ko na!!! Huhuhu Ang saklap! I know! But thanks to makeup, I hardly notice my bags during daytime. Despite being a flaw, I love my eye bags because I got it from my mama. My siblings and I were born with naturally dark circles. And yes, grade 4 palang ako nasasabihan na ako na I looked stressed. Kaloka! Due to this, concealer and foundation became my BFF. I discovered my love for makeup because of my endless pursuit of covering my dark circles.

This year I have tried a number of concealers and one of the product that I am loving is this Shiseido Perfecting Stick Concealer. When I got this, I feared that the shade Medium (44) would look too dark for my skintone. Medium is a perfect mix of Peachy Beige shade. Surprisingly, this color is perfect for the undereyes because it corrects and conceals my under eyes at the same time.   Now, I do not have to use orange or peach corrector because this does the correcting job very well. This costs 1350 pesos. Such price is not bad for a Shiseido Product.
 It is housed in a black twist up tube. It is a very creamy and emollient concealer. The coverage is medium to almost full. It is very opaque and it can cover my purplish blue under eyes very well. You can refer to the photos below for evidence (hehe).  It goes on very smooth and has a very blendable formula. Since I have very dry skin, the texture of this concealer is perfect for my skin type. I love the fact that I can layer this concealer with other products. Like - I use a highlighting concealer on top of Shiseido's to brighten up my face a bit more. 
 The downside of this concealer is that it creases. It also settles on the fine lines. Applying the concealer in a gentle patting motion lessens creasing and setting it with a loose powder, powder  or powder foundation is very much needed. Setting the concealer will also lengthen its staying power. This concealer lasts on my under eyes for almost half a day, however, I do notice that the it slowly starts to fade on my inner corners by mid day. 

Here is a before and after shot of my under eyes without concealer, with unblended concealer and with blended concealer. 
See how it magically covered my under eye circles? This concealer also seamlessly blend with my foundation making my face look flawless especially on photos. Overall, this is a great product because It is a 2 in 1 product (concealer/corrector). I love how opaque and pigmented this concealer is. Aside from under eyes, this can be used on blemishes and for spot correcting. It can also cover up my redness and rashes without making my dry patches look drier. This concealer is blendable and the colors is also buildable.

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  1. Shiseido is one my dream brand. That's why every product of it comes up with high expectations that it has a great quality. Just like this concealer, its amazingly conceals your under eye! "Magic" nga. Parang napakasmooth din ng texture nya. Too bad it crease. Hmm. But still I like it to try:) Maharlika nga lang kaya for now hanggang dream muna ako:b

  2. Isa ito sa lagi ko tiningnan na brand sa mga beauty product sa mga malls wishing makabili especially yang concealer para mataga ung dark area ng mata ko, kaso as moM with kids ndi ko affort ang ganito kaexpensive na concealer hoping na matry ko rin

  3. This is one of the concealer i wish to buy before February for my sister wedding, we cannot affort to get make up artist thats why im tge one who will make up to them and now ik starting ti buy one by one make up i need i wish i can have this one concealer for my collection in feb

  4. Concealers are my holy grail since I really have dark circles under my eyes. I am not sure if it has to do with genetics because my mom have them too. Right now, I am using a local brand and I can say that I am not much satisfied with it.It's kind of expensive but I am pretty sure that it's worth it.

  5. Thanks for the review! I need to invest on a good concealer because that's the least I can do to still look fresh despite my eye bags because I work at night. I just want to know if it's long lasting.. Did it eventually fade after a few hours or so? Just wondering. thanks :)

  6. I too has eye bags, 7months n akong night shift sa project ko. Yeah,you are right medyo mura na nga yung price for a Shiseido product. I have a concealer and I bought it aroung 300-400 last year, I am not sure lang if yung way ko ng pag apply sa eye bags ko kc after putting it then napawisan nko..flaky na ciang tingnan sa under eye ko.. :( thanks for the review Donna, i'll try this one soon.

  7. Gusto ko to in fairness �� Very very nice ha...concealed nga ang eyebags! Suggest ko lang po ...magpost kayo ng pic after 4 hours , 6 or 8 hours pls...thanks!!!


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