The Best Matte Palette?Morphe 35 N

kathryn bernardo makeup
 Back in the good old days of beauty blogging, I survived by merely posting FOTDs and EOTDs. Yes. As vain as it sounds, I started that way. I was so giddy experimenting with makeup that I put my trusty 88 palette to good use. When it comes to eyeshadow, I am not price conscious. I particularly love cheap palettes because primer and my home made setting spray (made of glycerine and water) could turn powdery shadows to pigmented and vibrant shadows. Months ago, I caved in to my lemming. I bought the Tarte Tartlette Palette because of the good reviews I heard about it. I was in need of a good matte palette for my wedding day and knowing that it is pricey, I thought to myself, perhaps it is worth every penny. Sadly, it failed my expectations because it was too matte and unblendable for my taste. A good eye makeup for me requires a lot of blending and I do not subscribe to the one eyeshadow color rule. I love layering and  texture. I was about to give up on my search for a good matte palette and I told myself to settle on my Urban Decay Palettes on my wedding day. Then, I remembered Morphe.

Morphe is a US Brand of makeup that sells palletes and brushes. It reminds me of Coastal Scents and BH Cosmetics but the quality of these eyeshadows are far more blendable and buttery than its counterparts. I know all of you will be asking "Did you order directly from their site?" or "How did the transcation went?" etc. Okay. I really wanted to buy directly from but I was too afraid of customs and mail handling. So, I ordered it through one of my favorite online shops, This is not a sponsored post. I just love this site. This is where I ordered makeup goodies that are not available in the Philippine Market and I just love the fact that they do online orders from different US Sites. I got this palette for 1600 pesos including shipping, taxes and other charges. I know it may sound pricier because this palette only costs 20$ in Morphe Website but I had to have this palette!!!So kiber na. hehe Also, for 1600 pesos you get 35 shades already so the price I paid is not bad at all. (Kinukumbinse ko lang ang sarili ko hehe)

This palette is composed of neutral, warm, plum and coral shades. There is one shade that looks a bit off which is the light bluish color. On the pan, the colors may look almost the same but when applied they offer different tones and depth of color. This palette offers a lot of great transition shades from warm brown, taupey brown to peach beige. This palette has it. The texture is super soft and smooth. It reminds me of my favorite Urban Decay Basic Palette but this one is slightly sheerer. Nonetheless, the colors are pigmented. The color you see on the pan is the color you will get when you apply the shadows. For example, Peach shows up on my yellow skin tone as peach and does not entirely disappear. The colors are readily picked up by synthetic or animal hair brushes and even my fingers. 
kathryn bernardo makeup
 A closer look on the palette. The colors range from neutrals to purple and red tones which is perfect for creating texture and dimension for eye makeup. The lighter shades are perfect for highlighting the brow bone or cleaning up the mess of the eye makeup. I am not surprise if you can find dupes for MAC eye shadows on this palette.
kathryn bernardo makeup
 This is seriously the best Matte Palette I have ever tried. Here are a quick photo swatches WITHOUT PRIMER. I repeat swatches are made without primer!!!!!
kathryn bernardo makeup

I highly recommend this palette to all of my readers who are looking for a nice matte palette. I also recommend this to my fellow makeup artists who is looking for a nice palette for their clients. Overall, I AM IN LOVE WITH MORPHE 35N!!!! I plan to purchase their other palettes!!! Actually, I want to collect all of their eye palettes and I am even looking into their brushes. For the record, this palette is definitely one of the makeup that I will use on my wedding day. hehe 

What is your favorite eyeshadow palette as of the moment?

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  1. Tagal kong hinantay tong review na to. More swatches please! I also ordered that same palette pero mga november pa ang dating kasi sasabay pa sa uuwing friend ko this nov. I can't wait to get my hands sa palette na yan.
    OT lang pero have you tried using makeup revolution's eyeshadows? Ok yung mga iconic pro nila which is a dupe for lorac pro pero ang love ko ay yung mga 32 eyeshadows nila. I have the beyond flawless and flawless matte. Buttery textures and great pigmentation for less than 1k sa mga online sellers. I believe they have a website dito sa philippines. Try it, sobrang bang for the buck.

  2. I don't have fave e/s palette at this moment. This is a pretty palette indeed! Actually ngayon ko lang nadiscover this Morphe 35n. Sosyal ng name:) That's a lot of shades for a perfecf eye makeup plus it's pigmented too. Thanks for recommending this:) I have original sleek e/s palette that I never use even once. It's shimmery splendid kasi saka di ko carry ang shades and I don't wear eyeshadows too. Anyway, please share again your fotd/eotd/motd :D

  3. I love too!!! Been ordering from her since nyxwholesaleph pa sya. Hehe... Ang ganda ng palette na yan. I won't mind paying 1600 dyan ha!!! Congrats on your wedding day. I can't wait to see what look you'll come up with! :D

  4. Omigosh that looks perfect!
    I need this in my life.

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  6. That's actually affordable for 1,600! The pigmentation is great. That's a good investment for makeup artists.

  7. Hi sis, gano po katagal bago ma receive ung inorder from them po? magtake po ba ng weeks/Months? thank you po!

  8. Hi Atty. I purchased the same Morphe from makeup inbox, after paying thru bank deposit, I stil did not get a reply from them even after texting. Ganuon ba talaga yun? Maita

    1. Talaga? They immediately send confirmation via email of orders. Nagtxt din sila sa akin before nila igo through lahat kasi they asked me if okay yung palitan ng dollars shipping feee etc.

    2. At last nag-reply din sila, at first I was worried baka mali yung site na nakuha ko or something went wrong. But I'm excited with my purchase. I'm an avid reader of yours, I check your blogs everyday, and re-read them always pati yung mga luma mong posts. Actually, yung mga bet mong products hinahanap ko although mahirap kasi nasa province ako kya laging online ang purchase ko. Good luck to your wedding, I am excited for you and your fiancee. Looking forward to more of your blogs, you inspire me to take care of myself. MAITA


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