What's New: Maybelline Velvet Matte Lip Color (Review + Complete Lip Swatches)

  "Hydrating cream color glides on smooth and sets with a matte finish; vibrant, richly-pigmented hues are designed for long wear; lightweight, non-sticky, non-drying formula; velvety, cushion-like texture keeps lips in comfort all day"

Maybelline has been conquering the makeup scene in the Philippine market lately. They have a lot of new releases this year and I have been going crazy over their newest products. As you all know I am a DRUGSTORE makeup junkee, kung hindi lang ako ikakasal ang dami ko na naman nabiling makeup. Tsk tsk. Anyways, I first saw these velvet matte lip colors in BeautyMNL. I got very curious with it. This year is the "liquid lipstick year". Almost all brands whether high end or low end have their own take on this product.

Maybelline Velvet Matte lip color is housed in a plastic tube similar to the color sensational glosses released a year ago. Correct me if I am wrong I forgot the name of those lippies (pero blinog ko yun ah!). It comes with a tear drop sponge applicator. The size of these lip colors are very handy

 I can squeeze in at least three inside my kikay kit in one go or even in my pocket. It only costs 349 pesos but is currently priced at 299 pesos as an introductory price. I got 9 shades. I dont know if this is the complete number of lippies in this line.
The first thing I noticed with this line is that these lip colors are not velvet matte at all except for Mat 11. All have glossy finishes and turns into a matte velvet finish if I use my ring finger to rub the product onto my lips. This technique creates that matte tinted velvety effect on the lips. The color selection is quite good. With a choice among reds, nude, orange, plum, and pinks.

I do find these lippies quite comfortable to wear. They feel lightweight when worn but all shades tends to bleed unless applied by layer in a rubbing manner with the use of one's finger. So I suggest that spreading it with your finger is the best way to apply this lip color. Each shade has a different color pay off. Mat 6,12 and 11 have the best color pay off in the bunch. These colors blew me away because they looked so delectable on my lips. May personal favorite is Mat 11 which is a deep red color. This is by far the second most flaterring red shade I have worn next to my MAC Ruby Woo. Some lip colors needs to be layered to give off that lipstick pigmentation but all look flattering as a gloss. Using a lip liner will prevent this lip colors from bleeding and will give an instant ompfh to the color. For longevity, these have a good staying power. It lasts 3 hrs on my lips the most.

I do notice that these lip colors dries up my lips by mid day esp. MAT 12!! The consistency is smooth and liquidy. It takes to dry. These also settle on the fine lines and can highlight the dry areas of the lips. Exfoliating the lips is a must before using these lip colors.

Here are the lip swatches with shade description:
Mat 9 , Mat 1, Mat 2
Mat 9 is a neutral red.
Mat 1 appear neon salmon pink in the tube but looks like a sheer medium pink on my lips.
Mat 2 looks almost similar with Mat 1 in the tube but this appears lighter in tone.
Mat 5, Mat 6 and Mat 8
Mat 5 is a warm orange but lighter in color as opposed to my lip swatch
Mat 6 is a beautiful hot pink with plum tones that look super nice. This is one of my favorite
Mat 8 is a tomato red.
Mat 10, Mat 12 , Mat 11
Mat 10 is a light purplish fuchsia pink
Mat 12 is the velvet matte color amongst the lippies. It is a beautiful peachy nudd shade that looks like a dupe for Nars Brigitte!!!!
Mat 11 is my ultimate favorite!! This is a super rich and pigmented deep red!!! 
Over all, these Velvet Matte lipcolor may not be true to its name but I find that it to be a very versatile lip product. Why? The lip colors can be used as a top coat like a gloss or if rubbed gently onto the lips it goes on like a velvet stain. I really thought these lip colors will not work on me because I have dark liplines but as evidenced by my lip swatches they are fairly pigmented.

I highly suggest Mat 6 and Mat 11!! Have you tried these newest lip colors?
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  1. Awww, Mat 12 pa naman ang bet ko i-try kaya sad to know that it dries up your lips. Infairness, yung Mat 11 super pretty pala kaya nagstand out to sa swatches mo.
    Wala pa akong nasusubukan na lip product na ganito, more on to lipstick lang talaga kasi ako. Hehe. Great swatches btw:)

  2. I tried this na and this is my most used and abused lippie today. Di ko alam what happened to my lips pero lately grabe makapagbalat kaya di ko magamit mga lipstick ko na matte lahat. I love the red on you, mat12 palang ang gamit ko and peachy nude sya sakin kaya pak na pak. Napanood ko din sa yt kay tati ng glamlifeguru na bago din labas yung revlin. Inaabangan ko din un kasi mukang maganda din sya. Excited din ako dun

    1. Napanood ko din yan kay Tati!! I think same sila ng Maybelline ng concept. hehe kaso for sure baka next year pa yan sa tin.

  3. Pareho tayo ng favorites, and honestly, I am quite disappointed with these lipsticks. Akala ko long-lasting and not like a gloss yung texture. Oily yung texture sa lips ng ibang shades.

    1. Nung una nadisappoint din ako kasi matte daw hehe naghahanap tlaga ako ng matte. Later on, i categorized them as a glossy liquid lipstick nlng hehe and they do pretty good job as a glossy lipstick . They actually remind me of korean liquid lipstick. Pero anlabo tlga ng name niya malayo siya sa word na matte!!haha

  4. I am not staring at the swatches I am sidetrack by your teeth its so pearly white!

  5. Misleading yung advertisement nila with Georgina Wilson. In that ad, she had bright red, super matte lips. I was hoping that the Velvet Matte lipsticks really did give that effect, but meh. All the swatches I've seen are glossy. -__- I guess if you want matte, you're better off with lipsticks!

  6. Na swatch namin ng sister ko to it didn't really dry up so I think thin layer nga kailangan then i-spread with finger or brush. They hype for me died down immediately when I swatched them :P :/ Oh welllll

    CJ | From Manila with Love : Beauty, Life and Feminism

  7. Haven't tried this yet pero they all look pretty! I like MAT 02, 11 and 12. I also am fond of mattes and I try to stay away from glossy lipsticks but I think this is still worth a try. ^-^

  8. I'd love to try MAT 12 & MAT 11. Swatches on your lips are gorge. Yung iba kasi they don't give enough justice to the color of the lipstick. Just sayin' :D I find this blog really helpful since I'm planning to buy one. :D

  9. Hi! Do you know where I can get the Too Faced Born This Way foundation in Philippines? Pls help, I'm going to Philippines soon huhu xx

  10. Hi again Atty. I also have the MAT 11. Nung una I was so inlove with the color, ginamit ko agad sya after buying, and the people were looking at me like crazy sabi ni hubby, ang ganda kasi. Kaya lng we have the same issue, nag be bleed sya, Ive tried using lip liner para di mag bleed, and patting tissue kasi dissapointed pa rin ako sa outcome kasi di na sys ganuon kaganda. But I love the packaging parang mamahalin. MAITA

  11. Hi again Atty. I have the Mat 11, nagandahan ko sya pero we have the same issue, nag be bleed sya, I've tried using lip liner pero nag bleed pa rin.

  12. Hi Atty.

    I really love your fearless reviews. Since I have not so-white teeh eh stick po ako sa pinkish hues. My daily lippie and fave is Mat12 and I agree nakakadry so I'll make it to a point na inexfoliate ko lips ko before going to work. I made a DIY sugar lip scrup para organic haha. But my altermate is Revlon Matte Balm in Elusive shade. Sobrang makadry po kasi yung Nyx Soft Matte Cream.

  13. i have one too, matt11 and i love using during special occasion,hoping i could have the entire collection!

  14. Hello.. I've tried MAT 8 and it look so good. It was glossy at first but when it dries up it will be perfectly matte finish. It lasts up to 7 hours and I love how it was stained on my lips. I will definitely recommend this shade and will try the others. Thank you. Godbless. :)

  15. Hi guys!I have this MAT 10 yun sa akin. I love this product coz it looks so natural on your lips once it dries out. You just have to apply a little amount then ang ganda ng effect. Yun nga the bad side of this product is that it dries out your lips but you can have some lip balm or cream before applying and upon removing it and it solves the problem. I you are into lipticks na thick well this is not the perfect product for you. But if you want a light, matte and perfect finish type of lipstick then this is the best product.

  16. Hi ! I already have MAT11 & MAT12. I really like it. Just perfect! I always wear MAT12 to class(my daily). Long lasting. It's really good for students to wear it because of its look natural.MAT12 is suitable to wear when we're having occasion or maybe dinner. Yeah! I recommended MAT12 for daily wear.

  17. Hi ! I already have MAT11 & MAT12. I really like it. Just perfect! I always wear MAT12 to class(my daily). Long lasting. It's really good for students to wear it because of its look natural.MAT12 is suitable to wear when we're having occasion or maybe dinner. Yeah! I recommended MAT12 for daily wear.


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