A MUST TRY: Neo Day Spa Zen Spa Package

Last October, I was invited by Neo Day Spa for pampering treat together with a special someone of my choice. Of course, I chose fiance to join me in this treat because we are avid fans of spa/massage. This is one of the few thing we love doing together - being pampered. :) We went there for an afternoon retreat and I am not really sure what to expect as I have never tried any services from Neo Day Spa. We were greeted with a very minimalist layout of the Spa which immediately made me feel the relaxing ambiance of the place.  I was quite surprised that our room and our therapists were ready for our treatment despite being 30 minutes early than our scheduled appointment. 

Before proceeding to our room, we chose our scrub and the oil for the massage. I find this quite thrilling to choose our own oils and scrubs based on our fragrance preference. They carefully explained to me the notes of each oil and the purposes their purposes such rejuvenating or for relaxing, etc.  

We were then lead to this room with a large window and shower. I was quite hesitant to take a shower or remove my clothes in the room because of the window. Hello scandal?! My therapists assured me that we can not be seen outside. 
They provided towels with an S! kasi hindi lang isa ang prinovide nila for both of us. This gesture is a big thumbs up for me. Also, they provided disposable underwears and hair cap. Another plus point for this!
We had the ZEN SPA PACKAGE which costs 2950 pesos. This has two part- Zen Body Treatment and Massage. The Zen Body Treatment was the Green Tea Body Scrub. I asked my fiance to get the Wasabi Scrub. The Green Tea Body SCrub is rich in antioxidant properties to protect the skin from damage. I have tried other body scrubs from other spa before and by far, I can honestly say and even attest that this is the BEST! I have never been scrubbed this vigorously my entire life. I have not even scrub myself this intense in my entire life!!! Grabe lang! It was so sulit because they scrubbed all the way from my fingertips to my underarms to my elbows to my sole (and even to my butt and groin!) Amazing! I did not feel awkward rather I truly enjoyed that moment!!!! After the scrub, we were wrapped with the plastic that were to cover the massages beds. Then, I took a very quick shower to rinse off the scrub. I felt super duper clean and my skin feels so supple. 

Afterwards, we had the massage. The method used for the Massage was Ingham. Ingham is the gentle art of using the hands to apply pressure to specific points or zones to relieve stress and redirect energy. I am not a fan of pressure point massage. I find this technique painful. Surprisingly, I let the therapist do her amazing job. I enjoyed every bit of the Ingham massage without even asking the therapist to lighten the pressure. Afterwards, we had the swedish body massage which is very very relaxing. Fiance and I agreed that this is ONE OF THE BEST MASSAGES we ever had. 

Here are the other points that I would like to highlight during my pampering treat with Neo Day Spa:

1. The ambiance of the Spa is very relaxing. The therapist were really quiet throughout the procedure and were very attentive to our needs.
2. They serve ginger tea!!!
3. They provide a lot of towels and disposable underwear.
4. My hair does not feel oily after the massage (nakarampa pa ako afterwards). After the massage, I noticed that my feet are not oily at all!! 
Overall, I love NEO DAY SPA!!! As in. I am hoping I still have the budget to go here a day before the wedding to avail of this Zen Package. Gusto ko ulit magpascrub ng Bonggang bongga before our big day!

For more info, visit Neo Day Spa Website here: http://www.neospa.net/


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  1. Ugh I so want a massage right now. I like the customer service ha and the details and the bottles and the whole ambiance. Very nice :)

    CJ | From Manila with Love : Beauty, Life & Feminism

  2. OMG. Super pampering! I never been tried na mag pa massage pero ill try soon hahahaha! I hope makatarungan ang prize.

  3. I've tried Nuat Thai feeling ko nabugbog ako rather than ma relax heheheh

  4. I wanna try that spa package as well!

  5. I want to try that too. I also love massages and pampering. I have tried this one near our office in McKinley which cost me 500 pesos for one hour massage. I was not relaxed because the suit was too big for me and my hair became oily after the massage and I feel really sticky and feel heavy after. I was not really relaxed after all. For Neo day Spa, yung 2950 package is per pax or for couple na? Thanks.

    1. Hi Roxanne per person.I know mahal pero super worth it

  6. I definitely want to try this, kahit yung massage lang! I hate those pressure point method kasi nakaka-pressure sya sa sakit!


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