Beauty 911: Anytime Anywhere with Cream Silk Standout Straight Leave on Cream

Cream Silk Standout Straight Leave on Cream
The Cream Silk Standout Straight Leave-On Cream is Cream Silk’s new innovation featuring a non-greasy & light formula, infused with Hair Reborn Actives which smoothens and nourishes frizzy hair to keep your hair looking gorgeously straighter.  It has the smoothness of a conditioner and the shine of a hair polish in one product making hair instantly smooth and shiny anytime, anywhere. It offers the smoothness of a conditioner and the shine of a hair polish in one product. Unlike other hair polish brands which only offers hair the benefit of shine, Cream Silk Leave-On Cream offers Filipinas a leave-on cream with the added benefit of smoothness that only the No. 1 Conditioner brand in the Philippines can provide.
Being the no-suklay girl that I always am, I have had many experience when someone would comment and say, "mukha kang bruha" or "mukha kang sinabunutan".  More often than not, (dahil aware akong mukha nga akong sinabunutan), I would just smile and quickly run my fingers through my hair to fix it. CreamSilk sent me their latest Stand out Straight Leave on Cream. Truth be told, I did not expect so much from this product because I knew that my hair will always have its own world and the only time I have a control of it are during the times that I blowdry it or use conditioner (which I do not usually use for everyday). 

I honestly tried this leave on cream for purposes of review and this came in as a surprise. I absolutely love this product!!! I use this everytime I don't use conditioner. This makes my hair frizz free and easy to comb and manage. I love that it is NOT AT ALL OILY or GREASY! It makes my hair very soft and silky. This only costs 49 pesos and I will definitely repurchase!
I find that it is best used on damp hair. I just airdry my hair (lalo na pag nakasakay sa Tricycle *special ride pa) and the next thing I know, my hair looks bongga na!

How to use Cream Silk Standout Straight Leave on Cream
1. Squeeze a pea size amount on the palm (I usually use 1-2 pea size amounts).
2. Spread the product on your palm by rubbing your hands.
3. Ran your fingers and palm on your hair.

This can be used on dry or damp hair.
How my hair looks like sans combing or brushing. I only ran my fingers through it with Cream Silk Standout Straight.
Have you tried this Leave On Cream?
What are your thoughts on it?



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  1. I'm using this too:) Before hesitant ako bumili kasi yung conditioner na ganyan din ang variant, super oily sa hair ko. But still dahil mura lang to and I remember na love ko yung dating creamsilk leave on, bumili na ko. Infairness, ganda nga sa hair. I agree na mas ok sya sa damp hair iapply. Hopefully in a long run using this wag maging oily 'no? Anyways, definitely this is a must have :)

  2. I've been a user of suave before and grabe it weighs down my hair but now I am a fan of Lucido it's lightweight but, I always find it out of stock and perhaps I'll try this one!

  3. I tried it when it was first introduced few years back, mas matapang ang amoy niya sa conditioner if I remember it right. Will definitely try this one! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Donna,

    I have tried leave on but I am not satisfied with that brand and maybe formulation. I have a fine hair and applying that made my hair looks oily. Super hirap i-style kc parang wet-look. I want to achieve yun bang shiny and manageable, straighter hair. I am hesitant to try this creamsilk leave on pero since I am using creamsilk conditioner, I will give this leave-on a shot. Thanks for the review. ;-)


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