Iwhite Korea 2 Minute Whitening Miracle

This is the latest addition to Iwhite Korea's skin care line. This is a specially formukated mask that gives the skin a healthy dose of whitening care with all natural active ingredients. This promises hydration and skin brightening. At first, I was lost on how to use this product because I got so many masks last year but this one is a bit different from the rest. This is a wash off mask and doubles as a gentle exfoliator. It reminds me of the best selling Japanese product - Cure Aque gel. 

This comes in a gel paste form. It has a very subtle fresh scent and a sached consists of 8ml. One sached is good for 3- 4x usage.

How to use this mask?
On a clean and dry face, apply a sufficient amount all over the face avoiding the eye area. Leave it for two minutes to dry then massage the product on the face in circular motion for exfoliation.
The amount of product to be used is very tricky because if you apply too much, the mask will not dry fast and there will be exfoliation action that will happen. So make sure the mask is dry and spread evenly on the face before massaging it. This is how my face looks like after the gentle exfoliation process.
This is a really nice gentle exfoliator. It softens rough areas on my skin and makes my skin feel refreshed and clean. This did not irritate my skin but it left it feeling softer and more supple after every use.  This is best used 1x to 2x a week. I used this on the morning of my wedding to ensure that my face will be thoroughly cleansed for my big day. My bestfriend who came all the way from Canada for my wedding got the chance to use this product because she stayed in my hotel room.  She ended up liking it and she bought a few packs to take home with her. Overall, this is a very affordable gentle exfoliator that does a decent job of removing dead skin and rough areas on my face. I will definitely repurchase as soon as I ran out of it.



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  1. Well, well, well, this is really something worth checking out. Impressive and interesting qualities based on your review. I will do check on that.

  2. Such a steal thank you for sharing this Ms. D! I'm using snoe's eau lala magical peeling liquid gel to exfoliate. Hope this could be a cheaper dupe :D

  3. sis kailangan po ba madami i apply sa face ? kasi nung gnamit ko walang exfoliation na naganap 😢

    1. baka masyadong madami nalagay mo

  4. I want like this but im here in lebanon .. is there any online sale for this

  5. Is it okay to put facial cream after exfoliating?

  6. Tried this out of curiosity and it is very true to its word. Mask and Scrub in one na siya and super fast gamitin. 2 minutes lang ata nagtutubig na siya sa mukha tapos pag minassage mo na yung face mo ang sarap sa feeling na eexfoliate siya. Ms. D, is it similar to peeling gels?


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