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For someone with troubled and dry skin like me, facial masks are heaven sent. Given the right variant, masks are truly one of the greatest addition to my skin care regimen. I have tried a lot of new facial mask brands and before the year ended, I had the opportunity to try out one of the latest facial mask brand in the market. Vedette is a Vietnamese brand and has been in the market for quite some time now. They offer other skin care products and even makeup. The price point of these masks are very affordable which ranges from 55 pesos to 65 pesos. 

Vedette Facial Masks have three variants available in the local market. Clay Masks, Yogurt Masks and their Peel Off Masks.  
Combined with super smooth texture of natural clay that is easy to absorb dust and excessive oil on skin, limits pore obstruction – cause of blackheads.

Vedette Clay Facial Masks combines the properties of mud and mineral salts to achieve brighter skin. I am very intrigued with this mask. Sadly, due to my wedding and honeymoon, I have not yet tried this. I am looking forward to trying out the olive variant or aloe vera first. This costs 65 pesos. 
Yogurt extract: is rich in acid lactic, protein, minerals and enzyme, is sure in supplying enough essential nutrients for skin.  Acid lactic and minerals in yogurt helps humidify and ease skin, give you a smooth and soft skin.  Together with the effect of enzyme and microorganic ferment in protein of milk  helps stabilize the immune system of skin, recover the synthesis mechanism of collagen and best limit the ageing.

Another variant are their Yoghurt and Whitening Masks. These are their facial cloth masks. These cost 55 pesos only. 
Vedette peel off mask gently wash away the dead cell layer on skin, smoothens
 and softens skin.  White tea extract is rich in polyphenol, effectively anti-oxidizes, protects 
skin from damage of free radicals and limits ageing.

The last variant is their Purifying Peel Off Mask. This mask was highly recommended by someone on instagram, so, I ended up trying this first. It came in a very thick gel form. It spread very well despite its gooey and sticky consistency. A small pack is advisable for 2-3 usages. Make sure to apply the mask evenly all over the face and wait for it to dry. The time for drying depends on the amount of product you apply. As for my case, I had to wait for 10-15 minutes. Using a fan and/or even going in front of the electric fan will help in hastening the drying process. 
Once dried, I can barely move my face or smile properly With much effort, I made facial movements and such made cracks on the mask. This signals the start of the peeling process.Peeling the mask was not painful, rather, the process was fund and relaxing. Initially, there was a bit of pain due to tugging but such eventually disappears. The process of peeling off the mask reminded me of my childhood days when I spread Elmer's glue on my palm, then let it dry just for the fun of peeling it off afterwards. After peeling off the mask, my face felt tight, my pores were less visible and my face felt refreshed. This mask is perfect for those with oily skin because it can literally sap the oilies. It did remove a teeny bit of whiteheads on my nose and some on my cheeks. This costs 55 pesos. 
I will be trying to update all of you once I got to try their clay mask. 

For more information, visit: http://www.vedette.com.ph/



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  1. I've tried their clay mask ans it's good!

    1. We're glad you liked the clay mask. You can try the other masks for the nourishment your skin needs :)

  2. only tried their clay mask but I wanna try the other variants too, especially that peel off one.

    1. Our peel-off mask honey is our best seller last December. Try it too! :)


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