Whisper Skin Love

I have always been particular with feminine hygiene even when I was younger, Thus, I only trusted known brands even with sanitary pads. Thus, I grew up loving the brand, Whisper. Even my younger sister trust this brand. Whisper just released their newest innovation - Whisper Skin Love. It is the first and only pad with breathable protection. It has Air Dry Cushion Topsheet for 2x more air flow; it’s thinner than a regular pad at 1/3rdthickness yet 3x more absorbent. This comes in two variants - for night time and day time use.

The one for night is 8cm longer and has a wider back.
The one for day time is 5cm longer and also has a wider back.
Having strong period flow every month, I always opted thick pads. Thicker pads gave me that impression that they are better than slim ones against side leaks. I was very hesitant to try this Whisper Skin Love Ultra Slim Pads but after one use, I am now a convert. This pad feels so comfortable when worn. Actually, it feels like I am not wearing any pad at all. I love the fact that I experienced no leakage when I used this plus I felt drier and cleaner compared to wearing thick sanitary pads. It also does a great job for odor control. I prefer using the one for night time. :) It is also very affordable for 44.80 pesos per pack of 8 pads.

I got my initial batch of sample of this Whisper Skin Love at http://www.sampleroom.ph/
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  1. Well, well, well, this is interesting. Good thing that they have released wider and longer pads.

  2. I'm still in search of pads that I'm not allergic with perhaps, I should try this?

  3. I'm glad to know that they released pads for night use. Now I won't feel I'm betraying Whisper for using another brand at night


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