How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Summer (Without Turning Into a Grease Ball)

Leaders Insolution Face Mask
My skin has been at it worst despite the warm weather. Half of my face is currently covered with rashes and I can not even use my steroidal cream to treat them because my doctor advised me to stay away from steroids. :( I knew some people who have oily skin who dread applying moisturizer because it adds up tons of greasiness to their faces. Summer is here but it is no excuse for me to scrimp on moisturizer. During this season, I opt for a light weight moisturizer but I noticed that there are still dry patches that peek through.Luckily,  I have found a solution to my dilemma. There are two skincare steps that I discovered that has been keeping my skin hydrated and plump this summer without looking like a grease ball.

Use Moisturizing Facial Masks

One of the best option to stay hydrated without overwhelming your skin with thick creams this summer is using facial masks at night. Using Facial Masks deeply nourishes the skin. It keeps the skin moisturized, increases elasticity and replenishes lost nutrients. Using facial masks at least 3x a week this summer helped moisturized my dry skin very well. Leaders Insolution has got the best moisturizing masks in the market. I have tried a lot from this brand and my personal favorites are their Coconut Biomask with Blueberry and Aquaringer Intense Hydration. My skin feels plump and renewed whenever I use these masks. Now, I never have to worry about my dry patches anymore even if I am only using a light moisturizer for daily wear.
Leaders Insolution Hyrdogel Eye Patch
 Give your undereyes some lovin' by using an undereye mask

This summer, it is not only your face that need some extra care but your under eyes need it too. Skin under the eyes are very thin and sensitive. Thus, it is prone to a lot of skin issues like wrinkles, lines, puffiness and discoloration. They are also a quick victim of sun damage.  Aside from using an eye cream,  I recently discovered this gem from Leaders Insolution that truly is life changing.  For someone with puffy and discolored under eyes, this is an immediate eye therapy. This is a 6 in 1 eye therapy that helps in wrinkle refinement, brightening, soothing, nourishing, moisturizing and has anti oxidant properties. This is a 20 minute eye gel enriched with Broccoli Extracts, Berry Extracts, Snail Mucus, Marine Collagen, Adrenosine, and Green Tea Extracts. 
Leaders Insolution Hyrdogel Eye Patch
 This eye patch is a water soluble gel that adheres instantly on the skin. It gives a cooling effect that is very soothing. This is paraben free and fragrance free as well. It does not feel greasy when worn. It feels light on the under eyes. It did not cause my skin to develop any milia which I always fear whenever I use under eyes creams/products.  I leave this on my under eyes for 20 minutes and afterwards, my skin feels very hydrated and it somehow lessened the puffiness and appearance of wrinkles under my eyes. 

This costs 498 per box and consists of 5 pairs of eye patches. 
Leaders Insolution Hyrdogel Eye Patch

Friendly Tip: Try placing the facial masks and hydrogel patch in the freezer for a few mnutes before using for that extra shot of cooling and soothing sensation.

Visit Leader Ph Website to know more about their products.


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  1. nice tips! Leaders in solution is one of my favourite mask sheet brand~

  2. there's something about korean products that really makes me happy :]

  3. My brother's skin is very dry too and he suffer this summer so he begs me for cream. I'll definitely send some of that masks to him.

  4. I haven't tried eye patches before and I saw one from Althea. I think it is Hydrogel Eye Patch something. I ordered one and am planning to use it every night to at least lessen my dark under eyes. Have you tried it Ms. D? Also, I would love to know your skin care routine. 😊 Hopefully soon you can put in a blogpost your latest skin care routin.. 😊


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