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I first discovered Kojie San years ago in my attempt to have an even complexion. My arms are relatively darker than the rest of my body which is quite annoying. Kojie San soap is one of the whitening soaps that worked really well on my very sensitive skin. Now that I am pregnant I fear that I will develop darkening one different parts of my body like my armpits and neck. After researching, I learned that Kojic acid is safe for pregnant women. This is great news for soon to be mommies like me who still want to maintain good skin throughout their pregnancy. Also, Kojie San now has a lotion, face and toner for a complete skin care regimen. 

Kojie San was first introduced in the Philippines in 2007 and Kojie San soap is now the number 1 whitening soap in the market. Kojic acid was first discovered in Japan. Kojie San uses kojic acid that is derived from the process of fermentation of malting rice unlike other kojic acid that is obtained from mushroom. Kojic Acid is known for its skin lightening abilities and is also considered an antibacterial and anti oxidant. 

Here is my quick review on Kojie San Products:
 Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap

My first Kojie San product that I have tried years ago is their soap. Kojie San soap is made of high grade Kojic acid. This promises to to diminish dark spots, freckles, acne spots and even stretchmarks. I usually cut this soap in half so I can use it longer. It does not melt easily in shower. It suds very well on my towel and does not leave an ugly orangey stain. I use this all over my body and leave it for 1-2 minutes so the kojic acid on my skin. This may be bit drying on the skin but using the Kojie San Lotion helps bring back the moisture on the skin. What I love most about this soap is that it does not irritate my sensitive skin. Continued use is advised to achieve clearer lighter skin. A bar of Kojie san soap (135grams) costs 68 pesos each. 

Kojie San Face Lightening Cream

This face lightening creams is made of high grade Kojic Acid and natural extracts. This also contains Rose Hip Extracts that helps in rstoring damage skin. This is a light moisturizing cream that is easily absorbed by the my skin. It does not feel heavy or greasy at all and is perfect during the hot summer weather. It has very light and subtle fresh scent that is not too overpowering. This costs 120 pesos and is by far one of the most affordable and safest lightening face product that I know of. I use this on my face, neck and armpits. So far, I have not experience any irritation using this product.

Kojie San Cleanser + Toner

This toner has a 2 in 1 formula consisting of Ginseng Extract and Rose Hip Oil known for skin firming ability and help smoothen wrinkles. This gets rid of excessive oil to maintain a fresh skin. This has a very subtle scent and is very refreshing.  I use this after washing my face and before applying the face cream. This does not sting my face at all even the areas where I have rashes. This does not feel sticky or greasy. My face feels hydrated after using this product. This costs 75 pesos only.
 Kojie San Lightening Body Lotion

If you are a bit hesitant in using the Kojic Soap because it might dry out your skin, then this lotion will be your hero. This skin lightening lotion is one of the lightweight lotion I have ever tried. Like the Kojie San Face Cream, this lotion contains Rose Hip Oil which soothes my dry areas and patches. This lotion is easily absorbed by my skin and is perfect for everyday wear because it does not feel sticky at all. This lotion also contains collagen and vitamin e which helps in maintaining skin youthfulness and elasticity.
I am excited to see the results after few weeks time. With continuous use of the Kojie San Skin Lightening Range, I will be showing off a lighter and clearer skin in no time (kahit buntis dapat pretty pa rin noh!).

P.S. What I love most about the Kojie San Lightening range? Aside from being super affordable, the products are PARABEN FREE!!

Kojie San Products are available worldwide at leading super markets, drugstore and selected SariSari Stores

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  1. That's a nice review and I never know that it existed. I would want to lighten my hands and I live in US. I think I see these in Amazon. Let me try to get my hands on it.

  2. I agree the soap is drying but I use the other variant the anti-aging one and it works fine on me. I'm also using their sunblock for kids (I'm kinda sensitive) and I love it!

  3. Hello Rochelle,

    I agree that maintaining a healthy and flawless skin is not always that easy. Achieving fair skin and finding treatment for acnes and stretch marks are some of the skin problems that people encounter. Yes, there are different beauty products today offering a range of solutions but not all of them are effective and produce long term results.

  4. Is this really safe to use for pregnant women?
    Thank you.

  5. 3days ko pa lang nagagamit ung kojie san soap nakikita ko ng naglilighten un balat ko.oo mejo mahapdi siya sa mukha nun unang gamit ko,pero so far ok naman siya at happy at ako sa nkikita kong paglilighten ng balat ko.ngayon ay susubukan ko nman gumamit ng toner cleaner.

  6. Will definitely try this set out! :)

  7. Got my kojie san today (except for the lotion, will definitely try it once maubos ung lotion ko) excited for the result. :)

  8. Is it true from soap, lotionand cream are safe to use during pregnancy?


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