Leaders Insolution: Top 5 Masks That Are Worth A Try

When I went to Korea way back in 2014, I got so surprise by this store selling nothing else but masks. A lot of women were hoarding masks by the bundle. Of course, I was bewildered. For me it was just a part of a crazy Korean skin care routine. Years ago, it was just wash, tone, moisturize and sunblock for me. Fast forward now, facial masks has got to be one of my favorite skin care products. Wearing facial masks now has been an indulgent treat to my ever troubled skin. My favorite brand is Leaders Insolution from Korea. I know I have shared this brand time and again in this blog but what I love about them is the fact that they have no parabens in their products and they use natural preservatives.

Leaders Insolution has one of the widesst variety of facial mask you can ever encounter in the local market right now. I know going to their stores or stalls can be quite overwhelming. I have to admit the first they gave me masks, I really though pare-parehas lang naman sila. It took a while for me to get a hang of choosing the masks that worked well with my skin the most. With almost a year of using their products, I finally have my favorites from this brand. which I will be sharing to you in this post.

Here are my top 5 favorite masks from Leaders:
Double Effect Masks
Available Variants:
Bright, AC Free, Lift
Price: 78 Pesos

This is not the usual sheet mask from Leaders Insolution. This is a two step mask which includes a peeling gel and a sleeping mask. The peeling gel is like a liquidy moisturizer. When lathered on the skin, it immediately removes dirt build up and exfoliates dead skin. This is like a quick facial at home because it removes all the gunk in my face in one go leaving a smooth and squeaky clean canvass. Plus the sleeping mask is like an essence that effectively penetrates into the skin over night.  The peeling gel does not sting nor is too abrasive for my sensitive skin too.
How the Peeling gel looks in action
Does your skin lack in moisture and balance? Rejuvenate your skin with Aquaringer Skin Clinic Face mask! It gives skin the much needed hydration while ironing out fine lines and wrinkles because it has Alpine Glacier water and Amino Acid Complex that instantly restores skin for intense long-lasting hydration, boosting elasticity, leaving skin soothed, radiant and exceptionally soft. Also, the NMF or Natural Moisturizing Factor takes away those nasty dead skin cells. It takes 15 to 20 minutes for the essence to be fully absorbed.
Price: 148 pesos

Having dry and sensitive skin is harder than I thought. We, who have dry skin type may not experience looking like a greaseball by mid day but our skin is very prone to flakiness, dry patches, redness, tightness and wrinkles. Add up the fact that I have psoriasis and sensitive skin, choosing the right products for my skin care regimen is truly a tedious task. It is truly one of trial and error. Thus, whenever my skin is experiencing extreme dryness, my favorite mask Aqua Ringer  Mask is a skin saver. This is a great moisturizing mask which makes my skin well hydrated after every use. The hydration even last up to 2 days the most.  Every time I experience extreme dryness, this helps in bringing back moisture and balance to my skin.
This mask comes four variants: Brocolli, Tomato, Blueberry and Orange
This bio cellulose mask is made from fermented coconut juice that locks in moisture and delivers nutrients to the skin. 
Price 148 pesos

The sheet mask in this one is different. It is a bio cellulose mask that is made from fermented coconut juice. It is like an elastic jelly that adheres to the skin really well. Make sure you remove the two paper sheets attached to the mask. This mask sticks on to the skin like magnet and the mask does not slid off the face easily. It is one of those masks from Leaders that does not have much essence in it. Thus, after applying this mask for 20-25 minutes, my face feels drier and the treatment essence that envelopes the mask is readily absorbed by the skin. This reminds me of a mask being used in my favorite facial care center. For a more relaxing feel, pop this in your fridge before using it. It feels very refreshing and is not sticky at all. 

A daily mask that helps to recover and re-energize tired skin while promoting collagen production
Recommended For: 
- Skin in need of elasticity improvement
- Skin that has begun to show signs of aging
Fast Facts: Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles by stimulating collagen production; hydrates, firms, tightens, and smoothens skin; hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested

Did you know that as we grow older and with exposure to free radicals and sunlight, our skin loses its elasticity? I have just reach the big 3-0 and I have been very wary of my skin showing any sign ofs aging. This is the reason I love the Collagen Facial Mask from Leaders. This is an instant lifting mask that gives my skin the much needed elasticity and firming. This only costs 98 pesos and it is definitely one my faves from this brand. 

A 20-minute eye gel that refreshes the delicate skin under the eyes.
Recommended For: Brightening dark circles and soothing puffy eyes,
Fast Facts: Tightens, smoothens, hydrates, and brightens under-eye skin; reduces puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles; silky-soft gel texture glides gently onto skin; enriched with broccoli extract, green tea extracts, berry complex, Vitamin C derivatives, and deep sea water, snail mucus, adenosine, hydrolyzed collagen, and acethylhexapetide-8
Price: 498 pesos

More often than not, my under eyes are usually dry and wrinkly due to my bad habit of rubbing my my eyes. This eye patch is a dream. It soothes my puffy eyes and is great for removing bags and brightening dark circles. It is perfect to use whenever you have an occasion or special event to attend to and there is a need to have that instant eye lift. This is a gel patch. It instantly gives a soothing and cooling effect.

That's it. I am scanning the http://leaders.ph/ website now and they have new products in stock. I can't wait to discover my next favorite  mask from this brand.

What Leaders Insolution Mask do you love?
Share on the comments below! I would love to know.


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