Happy Skin Prints Made Pretty Strobing Kit: Highlighter, Contour and Blush Review

When Happy Skin came out with this strobing kit, I could not be anything but excited. That was the time when strobing was the latest trend and stick contours and highlighters were the craze. I could still remember the time when I hurried to the nearest branch of Plains and Prints to test out the contouring stick. I was drawn to this particular product and it was love at first swatch. The color looks so nice on my skin and the product stayed put at the back of my hand for hours. When these babies arrived at my doorstep, they immediately became part of my favorites. Sadly, it took me this long to blog about them. Sabi nga nila, it is better late than never.
The products in this kit are chubby cream products in a stick form. They are very handy and easy to use. No tools needed because fingers will do the trick. The warmh of my hands made the blending and application such a breeze. However, if you are a sanitary/hygiene freak, you can always use synthetic brushes to apply these products and it will still apply beautifully.

The products are lightweight and very belndable. The intensity is buildable. The colors are very pigmented and universal especially for the highlighting and contour stick which I really love.

The contouring stick is a beautiful taupe color that gives off a natural shadow/shade on the skin when applied. This is a very long lasting producg especially when used underneath powder foundation. What I love about it is that it slims down my face very naturally unlike other contour powders that look grayish or harsh in my yellow skin tone.

The highlighting stick is a gorgeous champagne that looks ethereal on the skin. This highlighter is one of the best in ny stash and it does make me look glowing from within. If this product has been launched way back in December, I would definitely use this for my wedding. The color suits my mediun skin tone. I love that it does not cling on to the dry areas of my face and does not highlight my pores and rashes. It lasts fairly well on my skin and gives off tiny hints of sheen by mid day. Layering it with another highlighter will make it last longer.

The blush is a medium bright pink with tiny specks of golden shimmer. This color has a hint of peach albeit unnoticeable making it such a universal color. On its own, it gives off a lovely flusb and sheen on the skin. It is my least favorite in the kit but for those who are always on the run, cream blushes will save you time because it is very easy to apply.
This is the color of the contouring stick on ny skin. I know it looks scary brown but trust me it looks super natural when blended.
Did I just say that the blush is my least favorite? I'll take it back!!! Haha Look how patweetums and youthful my cheeks look with it. Can you see the contour? It blended very well right?
Lastly, this is how the highlighter looked on my skin!!! Pak na pak lang!! It looks so good in person and as well as in photos. It looks like a highend product diba? 
The kit costs 1299 pesos and I highly recommend getting the contour an highlight one but if you are looking for an everyday kit the blush and highlighter is perfect. Each stick costs 799 pesos.

Hurry, this is only a limited edition of Happy Skin in partnership with Plains and Prints. I really hope they will make this a part of their permanent collection because these products are really awesome.

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  1. the highlighters finish is comparable to mary-lou manizer

  2. That's a perfect contour shade! I could do without the blush but the highlighter looks nice!

    CJ | From Manila with Love Blog

  3. Bought the higlighter and blush set :)
    A great set sa mga kagaya kong hindi talaga marunong magmake-up because it came with a cheat sheet on how to apply :)

  4. I was at Trinoma once and the Happy Skin there is right across/beside Benefit, so when I swatched the highlighter, I found out that it's almost an exact dupe (well, at least I thought so on the back of my hand) of Benefit's High Beam!

  5. Happy Skin fan here! I wanna practice contouring and strobing... ganda ng effects.. nicer FOTD!!! you look so fresh! love the highlight effect on you...


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