L'oreal La Palette Nude Review plus Swatches (with 1 Minute Video)

I have been trying to blog since yesterday but PLDT and SMART have beeb failing to deliver quality internet service. Anyways, if you are following me on instagram @primadonnarence, you probably would have seen my post regarding the La Palette Nude! I got super excited when I saw these palettes alongside infallible products at the Loreal stand. Recently, I was invited by Loreal and Digify to join the Swatch and Shoot launch featuring this palette and their newest lipsticks.

Beforr going staright to the review, let me show you a few photos during the launch.
The La Palette Nude Palette has two shades: Beige and Rose. This palette is housed in a shiny black and sleek compact. The palette is very handy and lightweight. It also comes with a gernerously sized mirror. Each palette has 12 shades ranging from matte to shimmery ones. If you love watching youtube, then, you would have seen this palette being used by US youtubers and our version of the palette does not look similar to theirs. Do not fret, our version is the same with the ones being sold in the UK. I like the color selection of the UK version more plus the packaging look more classy!
L'oreal La Palette NudeRose as the shade name suggests contains rosy colors from mauve, peach,  toasted champagne, gray and deep plum. I love the shades and texture in the Rose palette. All colors are well pigmented and have a creamy blendabke texture. My only complaint is the gray shade which does not look coordinated with the other shades 
L'oreal La Palette Nude in Rose
Beige is a set filled with neutral and warm colors of browns. The browns in this palette are perfect for contouring the crease. It has a light taupe, reddish medium brown and neutral deep brown. The black in this palette is not as intense as I hope it will be. It also has champagnes and a a beautiful shimmery golden copper color. All colors are pigmented but I had a hard time picking up the light shimmery shades.
Loreal La Palette Nude in Beige
Overall, the eyeshadows are very smooth and blendable. Colors are easily picked uo by the brush and even a sponge applicator particularly the matte shades. They do have slight excess powders or fall outs.
The palettes come with a dual ended sponge and brush tip applicator. I do not find this useful at all. Actually, I can use the palette by applying it with my fingers.
Loreal La Palette Nude swatch
Swatch of Rose (without primer)
Loreal La Palette Nude swatch
Swatch Of Beige (without primer)

Overall, these palettes are great for the price of 800 pesos. They already have 12 shades which both have shimmery and matte finishes. The colors are very beautiful and perfect for everyday wear and even for bridal makeup. I love matte shades in both palettes and the color becomes more intense when used with an eyeshadow primer.

During the event, we had a chance to do a 1 minute video. I collaborated with Gem for this. It was an impromptu video and we only had one take. Haha oh Diba feelingerang youtuber na ako. Hehe ;) 

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  1. my BFF wanted this palette so much, i didn't know that this is nice talaga in person until she had it swatch.. ganda ng shades perfect for daily nga!


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