Making The Most Out of Your Leaders Insolution Masks

This year, I stepped up my skin care regimen by incorporating the use of masks. My ultimate favorite are the ones from Leaders Insolution. I have friends who would ask me for my recommendations fron this brand and siyempre ako naman feeling expert, I gladly share my insights. I could still vividly remember when I first went to the Leaders store in Lucky China Town Mall, I was super overwhelmed with the different masks!! Nakakaloka and nakakahilo. Yes, at first. However, once you get the technique on how to choose the masks that is most suitable for your skin, a trip to their stall or store will be a very pleasurable experience. It will surely be an adventure because you will discover the different skin benefits each mask has to offer. I will share with you tips and tricks on how to make the most of Leaders face masks.

First, know your skin type. Are you oily? Dry? Combination? After answering this question, think of the number 1 skin care dilemma that you have. For example, I have dry and sensitive skin, my ultimate skin problem is having dry and flaky patches due to psoriasis. After answring these questions, the simplest way is to ask the SA the best mask for your skin type or you can DIY. Find the best mask for you by looking at the package labels. The benefits could either be found in front or at at back. Yhe examples are below.

After finding the right mask for your skin type, find the best time when you will use the mask. I usually use it at night time before going to sleep. I read books or watch youtube videos with the mask on. Others use the mask an hour or two before an event to prep their skin for makeup.

Also, make sure to clean and tone your face before using the mask to ensure proper and easy absorption of the mask essence.

You can also pop your mask inside the fridge for a few minutes to keep it cool before usage. I never fail to do this because the cooling effect is so relaxing after a day's work.
Lastly, leaders masks are the most moist filled essence masks I have ever tried. To prevent dripping, firmly press the packaging to control the essence that goes into the mask. Gets? In other words, ipitin niyo sa package while slowly pulling out the mask to remove excess essence.

But wait! Do not throw the pack yet! Use the excess mask and apply it on your knees elbows and even neck area!oh diba? Sulit!

I hope your learned a few things on how to use masks on this post. What is your favorite mask? Have you tried those from Leaders?

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  1. I love using masks din po! Favorite ko po The Faceshop saka Nature Republic. Nilalagay ko din sa ref para masarap ilagay sa face. haha. I have yet to try Leaders. Makabili nga bukas. Thanks for this post, Ms. Donna! :)

  2. I haven't used mask kasi out of budget sa college student na katulad ko. So I'm still in search of a mask na pasok sa budget ang effective. Great post btw! ❤

  3. I really love masks from Leaders! I love how much information they share on the packaging regarding how much it can help for your skin, or if it's suitable for your skin type! :) They're kind of pricey though so I can only indulge in one every once in a while. :)

  4. Their AC mask is a life saver though I'm torn I also want to try Leaders All in one essence though I hope they have trial size :D

  5. I haven't used any mask pa.. hope i'd had the chance to try!

  6. I read (from Project Vanity) that Miniso sells compressed sheet masks that you can use to use up the leftover essence from other masks. You place the compressed masks in the essence, let it soak, and use it as you would any other face mask. :)

  7. Great tips. Im actually doing them. Para mas gamit at effective ang masks. Ive tried ung watsons mask - affordabels and ok naman and kapag sale i go for faceshop and naturerep or etude at yung derma (which affordable yet very effective). I havent tried leaders kasi di pasok sa budget ko kaya hoping lang ako na sana manalo sa fb/ig promos nila kaso sawi lang ang peg. Hahaha. Someday, masusubukan din kita.


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